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A new medium to find referrals: you'll enjoy writing articles on NBR!

NBR becomes more flexible and offers, from now on, the opportunity to promote your referral links through the articles you write!

Our writing criteria have been "lightened" since we also accept duplicate content ;)

Get started and write an article on an issue that a maximum of visitors will be interested in!

Tutos, tips or advice: any means can be used to expand your network and reach a maximum of new referrals!

However, please keep in mind that the more qualitative and attractive your article is, the more visible you will be to users (and to potential referrals).


> Learn more about criteria and rewards

So go on your keyboards! wink

Have a great day!

NBR Team

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thank admin
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In reply to binsar2097 :

I have found that geotargeting the correct countries can help reduce the number of inactive referrals you get. I do not think that the issue is bots. I am personally pretty impressed with the results that I get. Sometimes when many people are all competing for ad space it is just best to stick with a lower CPC and let your ad be shown later or with a much lower frequency than the highest bidders. It can also sometimes be better to just attempt winning the auction for the non-advertised referrals link to some sites. It is never a known thing which is best though.

Mostly just don't get sucked into being the #1 CPC and your Tokens will go much farther and you will be much happier with the number of referrals you get per Token. Nailing the geo-targeting can slow things down but also overall have a huge increase in the effectiveness of your ad campaign. There is a lot of people can do to try to improve their results.

I don't mean to be a regionist but I have found certain cultures to just be more browsey then others. I do not think this is really meant to drain your ads budget. They are not meaning to be rude. They just think it looks like the site you are promoting may look neat and they click it to check it out and then look around and go. They don't realize that you are paying a bit for it. It is not really a thought to them. It is just something that is a reality when you run a CPC. I feel you though sometimes I feel like I would like to run a banner that says "Please do not Click Me!".
4 years

In reply to moneyline :

Yeah, I think the idea is that you have to write an article though to create content this way users are getting rewarded for the efforts of their unique work instead of just automatically places ads in their signature.

When they post a rating to an unrelated site. I feel like it would distract from the review that is actually being reviewed and also make it rather pointless to pay to promote an affiliate link by running the rating page as a paid ad.

I do not mean to be in a total opposites view of what you said. I do like the idea of some sort of signature but instead of it being in the reviews and proofs of payments they would rather be more appropriate for the social user walls of the site where there is nothing, in particular, being promoted to distract peoples interests from. I do like the idea of some sort of a signature though. I have used them effectively on other sites similar to NBR and they can rather passively produce a good amount of referrals sometimes. We do have the Toplink on here though now that I think of it. It is not exactly like a signature but with referrals, efforts can grow into a well-distributed free promotional tool which is really a rather cool idea to have links displayed while ensuring that comments are made with ZERO intent on signature spamming.
4 years

In reply to binsar2097 :

We?re sorry to hear your disappointment.
You?re facing an issue to get good referrals and we can easily understand your frustration.
But we do want you to know that our visitors are completely free to invest in the websites of their choice.
We have neither authority nor power over them.
We cannot force them to spend their money on specifics websites at the expense of others.
We just create rankings that are defined by our users? opinion and rating.
It is that simple.
There?s no cheating on our part and we remain absolutely neutral regarding sponsorship (and nor can we "send fake referrals on the link you made" by the way)
Do not hesitate to go on our Discord forum to discuss with other users so they can help you.
We do hope you will get good referrals soon.
Best regards
4 years

Hello admin, it's a good idea what you did, but I think I could simplify it more, how? good would be better than when a user creates a POST referring to a platform to post your PAYMENT or make a good comment on it, I think it would be better if you gave us the freedom to place a BANNER AS A SIGNATURE and if a user catches your attention you could enter in and so try to earn some referrals from time to time, of course, I could only allow it when we make the post to PUBLISH PAYMENT, REPORT SCAM or the GOOD COMMENT OF THE PLATFORM and not when we write in someone else's post, ASI WILL AVOID SPAM, I think that would be much easier, IT IS MY OPINION.
4 years

Nice opportunity.
4 years

I think there's no use advertising on your site to get lots of referrals

I think you sent fake referrals on the link I made on the review and ad that I made.

I get a lot of referrals, none of them work.

stop this nonsense, I have regretted buying chips on your site
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