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BTCSurf, the largest Advertising Crypto-community

General information of BTCSurf obtained from my experience with the page.


This page is approved by the Spanish Blockchain Association , which generates a lot of security and confidence when registering. The truth is that its operation is very simple to understand, since once you log in you can start earning bitcoin satoshis through your activity on the page with simple actions such as: log in, share on social networks, the activity of your referrals and with autosurf, which I personally think is one of its best features since it is not absolutely mandatory that you see the ads (you can only leave the tab open while doing other things).

It has free membership, in addition to those that are paid; which is a good option if you want unlimited advertising for any page or business with just making a single payment if you buy any of the memberships (you can also expand referral levels and acquire weekly bonuses when you buy one).


General Details

Language: Spanish and English.

Countries: All

Currency: Bitcoin

Minimum payment: 0.005 BTC

Memberships: Free, Silver and Golden. For those who want to increase their earnings, the payments only require a single payment and are for an unlimited time.

Referrals: 11 levels of referrals according to our membership. In addition, the first level gives a 20% commission for the purchase of a membership of your referrals.

How do I make a profit on BTCSurf?

Daily random bonuses are distributed among all active BTCSurf users, the maximum amount of random bonuses you can get per day is 3 and the earnings you get for them will depend on your activity (as mentioned before, autosurf, activity of your referrals, share, ...) There are also weekly bonuses for those who decide to buy a membership, which is granted every Sunday at 9:00 p.m. (UTC + 2); the Community Pool, referral earnings (you get a percentage of 20% for each referral of the first level that buys a membership on the page), Surfing (consisting of viewing 10-second ads, although it is automatic and is not all necessary to see them) and the Stock Market.

An important detail is that the page does not show you how much you have earned in the day until the random bonuses are distributed (which is not at a specific time but is always daily in the case of random ones); When these bonuses are distributed you get a notification in the mail in case you have received one.

What is the Community Pool?

This option is quite suitable for those who wish to invest and obtain a secure income for an indefinite period from that investment; as this Community Pool would be an investment pool for the community in order to create affiliate networks on platforms where there is a compensation plan. We can participate in this section by making a minimum investment of 0.005 BTC and withdrawals can be made from 0.001 BTC. 95% of the benefits of the investment are distributed among the users of the group in a manner proportional to the investment made in the pool, the other 5% is allocated to the page.

The community pool is one of the main and most attractive features of BTCSURF since the investment goes mostly to platforms that are usually considered sustainable and lucrative in the long term. BTCSurf is currently creating affiliate networks on these platforms: Neobux, FreeBitcoin, eToro, Arbistar, FaucetHub, CryptoTab, Amazon, Crypto.com, CoinPayment, PubliPaid and Kuailian. In addition, with the growth of the BTCSurf community, new platforms have been added that were not initially available in the Community Pool; These platforms that are added are chosen by popular vote through a survey of users of the page.

The advantages of participating in the Pool are that financing the page with more capital reduces certain costs that allow them to generate thousands of affiliates and, consequently, generate high returns for it. It is charged from the first day without waiting, you can invest and receive profits from that same day, as long as you do it before 0:00 hrs from the server. From there you will receive your payments every day from Monday to Sunday. You do not need to buy a membership to access any of the functions of BTCSurf (except for the option to place advertising), you can participate regardless of the membership you have acquired.

As mentioned before, the minimum contribution is 0.005 BTC and the maximum 5 BTC per account, if you want to invest more you must open another account (which is another of the qualities of the page, which allows you to open multiple accounts in association with want to do it or have lost access to the other in some way and indefinitely). Added to this, the Community Pool has a minimum withdrawal different from the main one (which is the one that exists to withdraw the profits from your random, weekly, surfing bonuses, etc.), since the generated from your investments goes to a Different balance within the Mass page, which you can withdraw without problems after earning your first earnings from the invested.

Another of the positive points of this tool is that when creating a diversified portfolio, if a platform closes it is then replaced by another, which minimizes the risks for the Pool. If this happens, an account would be opened to replace it and choose a new one, in which all users can participate even if they are not participating or have never invested in the Pool.

Stock Market

This service is relatively new in BTCSurf since it started and has been available since January 16; this is a tool that will allow you to generate automatic returns of up to 500% every day predicting if the profitability of the Pool will rise or fall with respect to the previous day, basically we would be trading.

Its operation is very simple, the Stock Market gives us the opportunity to predict the profitability of the Community Pool by choosing between two options: UP or DOWM. If you believe that profitability is going to go up you select UP and if on the contrary you think it will go down with respect to the profitability of the previous day we select the DOWM option. Select the amount you want to bet on your choice and voila.

After that, it is only a matter of waiting until it is 0:00 according to the time of the server so that the statistics of the profitability of the Pool are published and if your investment has been automatically won you will obtain in your balance the return of the invested . You can participate in the Stock Market as many times as you want as long as it is available for you to make your prediction.

The minimum amount to participate in the BTCSurf Exchange is 0.0001 BTC, and the return you will get from it depends on the number of users who also participate in it and the amount you wish to bet: the greater participation, the greater profits. Although as in all "gambling" games, participating in the Exchange also has its risks, so although the profit is fast, you also have to be careful with these types of services. There is no set maximum to deposit and bet on the Stock Market and the minimum withdrawal is 0.0002 BTC.


Withdraw on BTCSurf

Another of the most interesting features of BTCSurf is that it has different balances and withdrawal minimums for each of its services. To collect what is generated by random and weekly bonuses, surfing and commissions for the purchase of memberships of our first level references it is necessary to have the minimum payment of 0.005 BTC. We select the option in which our username appears and we will click on the “Withdraw my BTC box , place our wallet address and the payment request will be processed during the next 24 hours with a 3% commission (fees).

Likewise, to withdraw the balance of the Community Pool or the Stock Market, we select the option that gives each of these services and click on “Withdraw my BTC”. The minimum withdrawal of the Pool is 0.001 BTC and that of the Stock Market is 0.0002 BTC.Withdrawals are processed in a 24-hour period and in both cases it has a 3% fee.

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