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published on 05/07/2019 at 11:31 AM

NBR is changing: round 3!

As announced at the end of the year: NBR brings, once again, modifications and improvements to its site!

Optimized display speed

You've probably already noticed: the speed of data display has improved significantly since April, whether on PC/MAC or smartphones.

Design changes

  • The banner and the circles surrounding the avatars are now displayed in a blue/green gradient, for more modernity
  • The main emojis are now available in the comments and MPs ;)

A horizontal scroll for unlimited display of criteria

Until now, only 5 criteria could be visible/displayed on our rankings.

This is no longer relevant since a horizontal scroll allows you to read all the criteria provided!

Coming up soon: the creation of PRODUCTS rankings!

Until now, we could only compare websites.

So very shortly, our "playing-field" will expand exponentially because we will able to compare all the products present on Internet!

Games consoles, virtual reality helmets, drones, motorcycles, computers, smartphones and much more...There will be no limits anymore!

A little patience: if the D-Day is fast-approaching, a testing phase is always required in order to offer you a version as complete as possible!

Modification of the terms used

With the introduction of this new function, the term "site" has been replaced/redefined by the term "item" which includes both site and product terms.

The creation of an item can now be done only from the relevant ranking (in other words: you can not go through "add an item" from your dashboard).

In short...

Lucas does an amazing job every day to develop and improve, again and again, your browsing on NBR ;)

Hope you will appreciate...

Do not hesitate to leave your comments!

Have a great day y'all!

The NBR team

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4 years

good work
good work
4 years

Nice admin
4 years

Thank you for the designs and the improvement on the site platform. Well done.!
4 years

Good work !
4 years

Fine and Helpfull to trace
4 years

good work
4 years

Looking forward to the new updates. Keep it up NetBusinessRating!
4 years

Thank you for the work done on the site!
4 years

NBR always becomes easier and more interesting for the participants. Thanks.
4 years

Thanks for great info´s ! Have a great day
4 years

great job dear admin @AmelieNBR, but i have a request, now time to change everything. please make easy NBR. you know PayPal is not worldwide supported payment processor, so add another payment processors without PayPal-creditcard for buying chips, (e.g. BTC, PerfectMoney etc). have a nice day! | Edit. : 07/05/2019 13:51:38
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