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NBR is changing!

...And this is just the beginning!!

Hi there!

Because it's important for us to offer a site always more pleasant and easy to use, we've decided to make some improvements to our pages wink

Our reviews are the first concerned!

New design, buttons more visible and new features: everything has been redesigned to offer a simplified and user-friendly browsing on NBR!

From now on, you're allowed to add images and/or videos to the description of websites.

Here are the first main rules to be followed:

  • the institutional contents (i.e. coming from the website itself) are recommended,
  • to be fair, we can not accept images and videos referring to any sponsorship or affiliation links,
  • logo images should only appear as thumbnails, in the header (they shouldn't be added as a media)

We also considered it important that the creation form be simplified: the rewards in tokens that were linked have been revised accordingly.

In short, NBR is changing...and this is just the beginning! wink

Hope you will appreciate it!

Please feel free to give your feedback and to leave a comment, here after or on Discord!

Have a great day!

NBR Team

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3 years

Congratulations :)
3 years

Congratulations !!!
4 years

Hola, tengo una duda, se puede plantear aqui algun negocio que estemos haciendo y a su vez dejar nuestro link de referencia?Me parece un sitio muy bueno por el analisis que se hace sobre los distintos sitios y es muy buena herramienta para informarse.
4 years

I started only to get acquainted with the opportunities that this resource offers. But from the first easy acquaintance ,I am pleased with the opportunities that give ,convenient service ,which today is accurate and necessary in this area .
Creators and those who support you Respect ****!!!!!.
4 years

NIce | Edit. : 25/02/2019 20:45:26
4 years

Congratulations !!!
4 years

nice to see progress here. Good work team ;)

Congratulations !!!
4 years

Really glad that this big site is improving. This is the main place I come to check if sites are valid. Thank you.
4 years

The best site.
4 years

4 years

Please, add popular payment service providers Perfect Money or Payeer. PayPal is very heavy payment service provider
4 years

that's great
NBR is the best and most accurate
4 years

I always enjoy visiting this site! Now it has to become even more interesting and useful. Thanks Admin!
4 years

When I am about to join a site, I always consult NBR. Great site.
4 years

excellent, innovation has always been the excellence to improve any site and NBR is not the exception, make the site easier for any user to use, it will make NBR and any Web site integrated to it much bigger.
4 years

4 years

Sounds good
4 years

In reply to LegitPTC :

Hi LegitPTC!
You're already allowed to report an inappropriate comment.
FYI: you will soon be allowed to provide an explanation to give our moderators a clearer understanding of your warning (this will help us to most effectively filter inappropriate comments)
It's all we can do right now.
Is this ok?
Have a great day!
4 years

Very good! I like this site as review. :)
4 years

Great,work NBR ,
But just look on the sites which are going to be published and in my suggestion only that there should be a mode who should modify all false created data's when some one claim that is wrong.
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