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published on 09/10/2019 at 3:56 PM

PTC Rules harden: legit sites downgraded

To ensure the quality of our paid click sites ranking we have hardened our rules to be classified as legit.

New rules

Sites that we classify with legit status must now adhere to the following rules:

  1. Be older than 1 year
  2. Use own or original licensed script
  3. Don't attract users with any kind of bonus to deposit (not to be likened to a ponzi)
  4. Giving free credits to users to post positive comments are strictly prohibited (ask if you want, but don't pay for it)

Several polemics on different PTC allowed us to refine the criteria defining what is a legit and lasts in time PTC. This ranking is to date the most complete on FoxyRating, so we want it to remain of exemplary utility.


Stop Illegal Licensed Scripts

Evolution script it is very often used to build a PTC. But pirate copies circulate and some build their site with no valid license. This is a nonsense because if the author of the script notices it, he can report it to the host of the site in violation which can then see its hosting suspended. Who would want to invest his time (or his money -  for advertisers) in a site with such a sword of Damocles? This is why from now any site not having a valid license or not using a dedicated script will not be able to claim a legit status.


Ponzis in shambles

We are fighting against all rogue admins and their favorite model to defraud is to use a ponzi system that most often results in the sale of AdPacks: we mark as scam all PTCs offering AdPacks. This is not new.

We do not recommend to buy any RR (rented referrals) because we do not know what is behind: this device supposed to allow people to rent members who have no referer to become their referral is a very random and especially very opaque way. An unscrupulous admin can create bots for this purpose. The presence of RR is not proof that the site is a scam (NeoBux, the icon of PTC for 10 years offers) but we do not recommend the rental of godchildren.

Some PTCs offer an upgrade system to their members to earn more on their clicks. Either that is acceptable but the fact that a PTC strongly insists on selling its upgrades by offering high discounts is a potential scam sign. Indeed, feeling the wind turn, an admin can through this quickly garner a lot of deposits. The temptation for him will be great to close the site before having to repay the promised earnings. As a result, no site can be classified as legit if it gives incentive to deposit money.


Good rules for posts

We are doing hard moderation work to try to clean up all fake posts. We therefore ask, for the sake of fairness, that admins do not pay / no longer pay their members in exchange of a payment proof on FoxyRating. Thanks to the administrators for following this rule. You can encourage your members to report their payment but without paying for it.

I take this opportunity to thank the entire moderation team and all members who help us to do a good job by proposing useful and up-to-date rankings ;)


Reactivity gives way to reliability

In our previous rules we said that our goal was to be responsive and that a young site that paid could quickly be classified as legit. It is clear that few of these young sites have continued to pay sustainably. In order to deliver more credible information over time, a PTC must now have one year of existence to be classified as legit. A dozen sites have been downgraded from legit to promising to implement this new regulation. We tolerated that two sites having 11 months of existence retain their legit status.


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These rules are displayed on the reviews when you click on this icon.

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1 year

you're right, it doesn't make any sense especially rental system, after long time gave many chances to be able to get it right or understand it but it's a Ponzi or phishing after all, thanks for transparency and credibility.
2 years

Thank you admin for your great efforts
These rules are excellent and upholding.
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