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How to create an account on Active Referrals

Creating an account
Sign up for a website (fill in the form precisely to avoid waiting, which may follow after an incorrect filling ) and login to your account after the sign up process is finished .

Creating an account

Sign up for a website (fill in the form precisely to avoid waiting, which may follow after an incorrect filling ) and login to your account after the sign up process is finished .

If you have been invited to website, the upline appears on the registration page


How does it work?

If you wish to promote your website and get active referrals there simply place new order and follow the instructions on the website

Otherwise if you like to earn some money you can visit the website offer by clicking the "NEW OFFERS" which are updated daily 


How to add a new order?

Choose from a referral packages and fill out the order form carefuly. After the form is filled click "Preview Order" button

Focus on the accuracy of your promoted website link, because the system is automated and your link will be published on more than 50 pages of other websites

After the "Preview Order" button was clicked, you must see the promoted website in window.
If the website  appears in window, you can feel free to continue to click "Submit Order".
One email confirmation will be sent to your email address.
In order to continue is necessary to process payment. Once the payment is received your campaign will start automaticaly. All important information like new referral sign up, new messages or any changes in your account will be sent to you.

                        Once your order is paid you will see your order in your list of active orders

How to contact my referral?

Sometimes it may happen that we need to be in touch with our referrals.

You achieve this by using the message system. Simply select from the list of referrals and click "Send message". Your referral will receive a message immediately on the screen and also an email notification is sent to his address as well.

Send message to your referral

Recipient will immediately receive your message on the screen

All messages are carefully stored for possible later use and can be found in your message box


How to report a problem with my referral?

If you do not see your referral (for example johnsmith) on your site, you can report a problem within 24 hours after he provided a proof of registration. The black button "Report problem" appears in your referral list up to 24 hours.

Select reason of your report

If you do not see this user (johnsmith) in your refeffal list in your promoted website, make screenshot of your listed referrals and attach the image to report

After the report is submited , the earning amount is deducted from johnsmith's account until the problem is not resolved. Resolution process can take up to 4 business days and the participants will be notified of the outcome


Red point apears in my account dasboard, what does it mean?

If user (as a referral) loses a dispute as a result of registration fraud, he gets a black point

Third point is red and causes the account termination


How can I earn money?

In ActiveReferrals you can earn money by signing up for websites under the referral link found on the daily offer page or by participating in our affiliate program.

Registering the websites

Participating in Affiliate program


How to register to website and upload proof?

Select from daily offer and register to website. Check the weblink you clicked if it contains username or any number or some webites offers a username of your referrer on the registration page

Once the registration is completed make screenshot of your new account
(in website where you registered) where your username and date of registration or username of your upline or any evidence which clearly shows you completed the job

example of screenshot

Return to ActiveReferral website and click the bottom side of ads you clicked before

Attach your screenshot and click submit

Once the proof is submited, confirmation is sent to your email

After your proof is approved, reward is credited to your account and a notification of new referral is sent to your upline (owner of referral link you used by registering)
Read also the Report problem with referral

Creating an accountHow does it work?Add a new orderHow to contact referralReport a problem with referralRed point in my dashboardHow can I earn money?How to register and upload proof?Affiliate program


Affiliate Program
In order to promote ActiveReferrals.info we encourage all users to cooperate in the affiliate program.

What does this mean?
This means that we on a voluntary basis enter into mutually beneficial cooperation with the users who wish to participate in this affiliate program with the purpose of obtaining additional revenue.

Why is this?
We undertake to pay 10% of the profit obtained from users attracted by the partner.
Profit for the affiliate program is recalculated every month (the 1st day of each month) and it immediately becomes available for withdrawal.

Where can I find my affiliate link?
On your personal affiliate page you'll find your affiliate link.

Where can I find any promotional tools like banners?
Banners are aslo located in your personal affiliate page. You can place a direct link or banner on your web site, forum, blog or other information resource if it is not contradict the Rules of this resource. There is no limitations on the number of links and banners.
Users registrations as well as completed payments are displayed in your affiliate page statistics. Users registered through your link become your friends.
During each month statistics are collected, and the profit is calculated. All this you can keep track without any restrictions on your affiliate page.
The first of each month we make payments for the affiliate program, we credit your profits to your account. After that your money is available for payout or purchase referral packages.

It is important to know
You can promote our service by any legal means, but SPAM is strictly forbidden.

To get sponsored links and access to the statistics a login or register is required.

Whenever visitors came using this link and register in the ActiveReferrals.info they are stored in system as your friends


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