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How to create a ranking

How do I create a ranking?

First of all, make sure that no identical ranking has already been created, otherwise it will be rejected.

Then, follow the steps below:

From your dashboard, click on "Contribute" and then on "Create a ranking":

Title and type of the ranking

  1. You must specify the type of items compared, namely:

    • websites or on line services,
    • products (coming soon),
    • other localized products (coming soon).

  2. Then, please select in the dropdown list the catégory in which your ranking will be displayed.
  3. Obviously, this data is very important to reach the right audience..

  4. Finally, please specify the title you want to give to your ranking.
    Be specific and be sure to use the best possible words.

Criteria of comparison

Criteria are displayed on the column header:

  1. Click on "Add a criterion of comparison".

  2. Indicate its title.
  3. The words used must berelevant, clear and concise.
    If you need to provide more details regarding the criterion suggested: please use the "entry help" space provided.

  4. Select the type of field:

    • Yes/No: to be used for a closed-ended question that only requires an answer by Yes or No.
    • List :
      • Simple list: requires only one choice in the list of answers provided.
        You can display the results as text (to display a specific/precise answer) or as graduation (if there is a range of answers for example: number of features available: between 0 and 10, between 10 and 100, more than 100...)
      • Multiple selection: several choices can be selected in the list of answers provided.
      • Dynamic: enables to include a mutilple selection list of an existing ranking on NBR, in order to link their reviews together.
    • Digital: requires a digital data, without unit of measurement.
      For example: maximum number of authorized people = 10
    • Unit: requires an answer with unit of measurement.
      For example: storage capacity = 16 Go
    • Currency: requires an answer with a currency.
      For example: price excluding tax = 10€
    • Percentage: requires an answer with a percentage.
      For example: Sponsorship rate = 5%
    • Date: the format is always YYYY-MM-DD.
      For example: end of auction = 2019-02-14
    • Rating scale: involves an answer with smiley.
      For example: ease of use = difficult/medium/easy (red, yellow and green smiley).
      The choices provided must be ranked by increasing order, from worst to best.
    • Nominal: this kind of field must only be used if the answer refers to the name of something. The general purpose is to make the field understable in any language.

Try to rank the criteria in order of importance.
To that end, click on the criterion and drag it to the appropriate place:

You can also modify each one of the criterion by clicking on the pencil icon, located at the end of the line:

NB: you must add a minimum of 2 criteria to access the next step.

While creating a ranking, you can at any time modify it and go back to the previous step, by clicking on the "RETURN" button, or by clicking on the title blocks (such as Title and type of the ranking, Criteria of comparison etc)

Addition of reviews

Reviews are items submitted for comparisons (such as websites for example).
You must add at least 5 reviews so your ranking can be submitted for approval and validation.

Please double check that the reviews you add haven't already been created on NBR, otherwise they will be removed.

Learn more about how to create a review

Once the 5 reviews are added, you can click on "NEXT STEP".

At that time, you can, if you want, write a description of your ranking and explain the criteria provided.
This text will be displayed in a column, above the ranking:

This final step offers the possibility of leaving a message to the attention of the moderator.

For the last time, preview the ranking you've just created, and if everything suits you: click on "SUBMIT FOR APPROVAL".

Warning: you will not be allowed to make any change until the validation of one of our moderators.

Thanks to validate first your email address.
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