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Baby and wedding registry sites

Whether you are pregnant or your best friend: take this wonderful opportunity to organize an unforgettable Baby Shower! But what is a baby shower, exactly? How to organize it and what gifts to offer? Do not panic, follow the guide !

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baby shower registry sites

The baby shower: the "MOM-TO-BE" version of the bachelorette party

Coming from the United States, the baby shower is a party that is growing in France and in the rest of the world.

For those who are not aware, this prenatal party (or postnatal for the most superstitious) aims to spend a pleasant time with the future mom and make her happy.

So we celebrate her pregnancy and her baby's arrival, through games, manual activities, but also (and above all!) enjoying a lot of candies and yummy cupcakes, fruits covered with chocolate and so on...all accompanied by multicolored cocktails (without alcohol of course, let us be united in this event.......or not!)

Let the party begin! 

If you are the happy organizer and you don't know where to start: many sites (such as, or for example) have already been available on Internet to explain how to organize the best baby shower ever and help you create an unforgettable moment!

Who hosts it?

Although baby showers are mainly organized by her best friends: habits tend to change and this is how more and more future moms start planning this event from A to Z.


It's usually planned on the 3rd trimester of pregnancy, around the 7th and the 8th month. The mom's baby bump will be well round and she won't be too tired (still) to participate in the festivities: so this is the best time to organize it!

Of course, nothing prevents you to organize a postenatal baby shower insofar as, remember, it is a special moment in honor of the mother ;)


The event takes place in most cases at the home of the pregnant woman but you can plan to organize it elsewhere: it's more a budget or desire thing!

Who to invite?

Traditionally, this party is 100% feminine, composed of BFFs, coworkers/friends, sisters (in short, all the people closed to the principal person concerned!), but it tends a little more to "allow" men to participate.

If I'm not against this principle: I doubt that they feel very comfortable in this "very girly" universe, listening to us talking about pregnancy, childbirth and the little troubles of the days after....but don't be upset: that's just my opinion ! ;)


And what about the presents?

You know it: a party without gifts, it's a bit like Paris without its Eiffel Tower or a Kinder egg without surprise: you can't have one without the other!

If they are not mandatory, the presents are more than welcome and the protagonist can't disagree with it!

In addition to the traditional Diaper Cake, it is very important to (really!) please the mother-to-be by offering, for example, a massage, a maternity photo shoot, an appointment at the hairdresser...In short, no matter the gift as long as she feels beautiful and loved!

Be inspired!

Making a "survival kit" for the future mom can be a pretty original and funny idea that can be much appreciated for the "days after" !!

Chocolate bars to prevent baby-blues, bottle of Festillant (or Champagne for the non-breastfeeding ones), lanolin cream, concealer, magazines, vitamins, scented candle...what else do I know! The mum-to-be will be well equipped to survive her little one's arrival! 

Think about the gift list!

True value of the moment: the list of gifts is undoubtedly the best way to please the future mother! If you are the one: know that creating your wishlist will clearly help your guests who may not know what to offer you!

Zero lack of taste

With assistants or pre-established lists: you'll find great ideas in just a few clicks!


The gifts, their prices and their (e-)stores: everything is listed in one place! It's dead simple :) The guests will only have to be guided and find a gift in their budget: you will avoid duplicate and/or unnecessary gifts!

Of course, for the most expensive gifts: guests can choose to participate financially by making a donation.


Like all sites offering gift lists are not equal (some apply fees, others are less easy to handle etc.): we have found several that we have listed in our ranking so you can see very quickly, those who meet your main selection criteria!

So good research everyone and enjoy your baby shower!!!!

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