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how to make money online in 2020?

The netbusinessrating  community indicates to you legit sites to follow and scams to avoid
The netbusinessrating  community indicates to you legit sites to follow and scams to avoid
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1. Rewarding Websites2. Rent & Sell3. Gambling4. Monetize its audience5. Work from home6. Invest

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Low-rise gains

1 Supplement your income with rewarding websites

Earn up to 100€ / month with earning websites

Either you are a student or a precarious worker, either a low earner or an unemployed worker or you earn a minimum social pension : join earning websites and complete your income !

The same principle is always applied : work a bit on your computer and get rewards. The funds collected will be paid once you will reach the payment threshold (variable depending on the websites, often around 10€). Don’t dream of making a fortune, it requires some time and the hourly rate doesn’t reach the French minimum wage. But it may put butter on your bread !

By working online, you will easily earn a few dozens of euros a month. Check out the top earning online activities :

Paying surveys

Sign up to consumer panels and fill in your profile, then complete surveys you are regularly invited to. The best panels can make you cash around 10 euros a month.


Get Paid To lie behind this acronym. They are catch-all websites that pay you to perform a variety of tasks such as signing up on other websites, complete surveys, read emails etc… The top ones can make you cash 20$/month.


It’s a discount automated system. After signing in to a cash back website, you only need to go trough this website - before each online purchase - to get to the commercial website you picked. It will activate a 2 to 5% discount and once you’ve tried it, you can’t go back !


Among other popular ways to make money online, you can also find money rewarding applications and PTCs. In a more confidential manner, you can make cash out of games or earn bitcoins. However, beware ! Cause you could come across many scams : in that case you would have worked for nothing cause you wouldn’t get paid. Netbusinessrating was born after I got gouged several times. I wanted everybody to be able to know about the payment reliability of each rewarding website, according to opinions and accounts of other web surfers.

Quick wins
Requires to own an asset

2 Rent and sell online

Praise Resourcefulness !
Selling or renting your assets is the fastest way of making money online.

The Sharing Economy is booming !

Online Sharing Economy platforms keep experiencing success stories. They offer citizens an interesting new purchasing power :
  • eBay is the benchmark concerning classified ads.
  • Worldwide success for AirBnB and its temporary sub-lease accommodation offer.
  • Uber Taxis are an international hit ! A new wave of economy was even called after this company : the famous uberisation of economy..
  • The second-hand clothing market has found leader such as Percentile.
  • The ride-sharing community Blablacar allows drivers to save money on their travels thanks to significant reimbursements of expenses.

Cybercommerce has never been so thriving !

Surfing on an exponential growth, online shops keep increasing their market shares compared to the physical ones. Nowadays, its less complicated to sell products online cause creating commercial websites is getting easier thanks to robust CMS, dedicated to online purchasing, such as Magento or Prestashop. Social networks advertising has also become a common practice to swiftly develop an audience addicted to consumerism.

Where to sell your artisanal creations ?

Etsy is a useful platform to sell or buy professional or private handmade products. We are living a time of permanent quest for individualization and consumers from all over the world are craving for these non-industrial productions. It is indeed a good opportunity for worldwide artisans to run out their overstocks.

High potential gains
Random = risk

3 Gambling

Gamble, bet and win !
Though gambling is ideal to quickly make money online, there are some risks. On NetBusinessRating, we only present sport bet websites, poker websites and horserace betting websites that own an ARJEL licence, ensuring you to play in total safety. Other betting type games exist, such as dual games for example, even if they are more confidential. In those games, you will have to confront a real opponent : belote, rami, action games… the winner takes it all and earn the other player’s bet.

Sport Bets

The dozen of French bookmakers approved by ARJEL share the market pretty fairly. As each of them offers more or less the same service (although there are some differences between sports and ratings suggested), betting websites are picked up according to potential bonuses. Those bonuses often fluctuate but they are generally very generous. Discover how to benefit from this cornucopia using the multi-bonus method ! It consists in collecting registration bonuses in the best mathematical logic. Some of them give 100 $ bonuses or more, it can be worth trying !


Card games aficionados have all tried texas hold’hem at least once. Nowadays, it’s the most common poker game, with 2 face-down cards and 5 cards face-up. This game reached its glory in 2010 then discretely started to become less in vogue. Though numerous and insatiable players remain awaiting a royal flush as they would be awaiting the Messiah.

Playing techniques are a common occurrence and random sometimes help beginners, but it never lasts long. Psychology is a key element of that hobby in which you dont actually bluff very often. Bluffing in crucial moments requires indeed a healthy dose of courage…or recklessness !

The truth is, cards aren't everything, you have to take your opponent in account.

Money wining Games

Behind the tasty title is hidden a not so rosy reality. Most of those websites don’t provide a transparent legal framework. We are often borderline and in the end the websites’ owners are often the ones getting richer. Nevertheless, some of them get flattering reviews from their users, as you can see on our index. Rewards are generally physical assets : gifts and more rarely money.

In any case, beware not getting addicted and only bet money you can afford to loose.

Recurring income
Lots of work

4 Monetizing its audience

Requires an great idea and a hard work
Online - as well as on television or on the radio - each audience is equated with profits. The more powerful the audience is, the more money you can collect. If you can get a significant daily use and a good quality one on your blog, on your website, on your application, on your social networks or even on your YouTube channel, you can convert the audience into real money.

How to monetize your audience ?

  • By displaying advertisements coming from affiliation platforms or from other advertising networks. For example by displaying contextual ads from Google Adsense, you will earn a few cents each time a web surfer clics on it.
  • By renting advertising spaces
  • By publishing sponsored articles
  • Added to a possibility of selling products directly to your visitors (see the e-commerce chapter)

Build a web audience in 5 steps

A big part of online economy is based on advertisement so dont remain an ad spectator, and get your share of the pie going through those 5 steps :
  • Let your idea take root : no web project without a great and innovative idea. The rule is simple, do better or differently from what already exists, otherwise you can get rid of your project.
  • Pick the right tools : to begin with, you might need to train jobs related to the web. Then (for a website or a blog), you need to choose a good web host, after selecting precisely the best domain name for your project. Then comes the choice of the technology / development platform.
  • Work hard : for the idea and the sketch to get tangible.
  • Launch your product and grow visible : The key step ! It’s not easy to make the difference and many projects are then forsaken. Be perseverant ! Define online traffic building strategies via search engines and via social networks, providing relevant content.
  • Set monetization programs : Now that you have an audience, it’s time to reap the result of hard work ! Select the most adapted advertising networks and insert ads in the right place.
Don’t believe this way of generating an online income is possible for everybody but you ! If your savvy and good with computers, the Internet could be the goose that lays the golden eggs !

High liberty
Requires skills

5 Home-working thanks to the Internet

Work from home : the choice of freedom !
Home-working is many people’s dream : you get more freedom, more independence and more autonomy. And you’re less in the grip of hierarchy. No more neverending trips, no more traffic jams, no more regular schedules and no more noisy colleagues !

There are two different types of home-working, that the web made possible :

  • Being an employed teleworker (full-time or part-time)
  • Being a self-employed worker
    • Freelance
    • Door-to-door salesman

Employed telework : offers are still quite rare

It’s impossible to draw an exhausted list of all the offers since basically, it only needs for the job to be dematerialized and to require simple digital tools to accomplish tasks. Nevertheless, the more common teleworking offers are teleoperator missions (various missions, helpline, after-sales services…), telemarketer missions (telephone prospecting) and medical telesecratary missions (requires a training). Full-Home office offers (100% work time at home) remain pretty rare. Most of the one you will come across only propose half time telework. It means you will work for one or two days a week at home. In this case, the offers are quite conventional : secretary, sales assistant, management assistant, web designers, designers… Office jobs more or less… The lack of telework offers encourages many freedom cravers to start a freelance activity or a door-to-door sales activity. Check out the telework offers (often part-time ones) on Indeed.

Freelance : a booming activity !

The number of freelancers is increasing on the market : rising unemployment and freedom of work encourage the more ambitious ones to try it. It is not worthy for all of them but thanks to the Auto-Entrepreneur status, it is easy to create your own activity. The internet has allowed the growth of 4 professions conducive to independant work : designer, writer / translator, programmer/ developer, marketing/communication. If you can’t find enough jobs, you can still find mission offers on specialized websites :

Door-to-door salesman : choose the right product

If you are not a geek and if your are not interested in becoming a freelance, you can always try door-to-door selling and become a door to door salesman. You will then need to join one or several specialized companies in this jobs to sell their products : you will be paid a commission for each sale. Thanks to a multiple-stage system (also named MLM), you will be able to get a commission paid on the sales done by people you recruited. You will not make a living the very first year you started with this kind of activity, cause you will have to build a customer network and a salesman network. But some people succeed in earning a reasonable wage. Be careful though, starting a VDI activity has a cost : you will probably have to buy a stock of products to start with. In any case, don’t try if you don’t feel like a salesman in heart and soul !

High potential wins
High Risk of loss

6 Invest online

Various ways to grow your savings
Thanks to new technologies, your banks are not any longer the only ones in charge of your savings growth. They also can be useful to lower the bank fees and to support the adoption of new currencies circulation uses.

Take full control of your investments

You have money to invest but you think the savings account rates your bank suggests are too low ? You are disappointed in the limits of real estate investment ? Become an independant investor thanks to the internet, by choosing where to invest your money so it works for you. Online investments solutions can be divided in two groups. You will always have to go through an approved platform for these money transactions, as they can give you great opportunities to generate added values :
  • Stock market : purchase shares or trading values, like on XTB.
  • Crowdfunding : replace banks and collectively finance households, companies or building constructions.

Lower your bank fees

Your resources prosperity does not depend on ur revenues. Reduce your management expenses choosing to deposit your salary into an online bank rather than in a conventional one. Your bank fees will be substantially diminished.

Discover new means of interaction

The advent of the Internet allowed new payment systems : they let money flowing quickly with a lightweight authenticating mechanism, in the same securized framework classical establishment do : therefore Paypal for example has become a commonly used service over the past 10 years. The rapid spread of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin has also triggered new needs to exchange these currencies : hence the useful currency exchangers.

Don’t get wrapped in fur !

Beware, online investment is pretty valuable to ill-intentioned thieves. Don’t believe people who promise you to make a fortune within a few days. They are always scams ! The web is unfortunately infested with ponzis such as the one settled by the sadly famous Bernard Madoff. Observe caution and always consult netbusinessrating to know if an investment website is a fraud or not. Remember : if it’s too good to be true, there must be something fishy about it !

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