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AVERTISSEMENTThe NBR status only rates the PTC function. We advise against the use of functions present on many PTCs such as rented referrals (RR) or the purchase of adpacks which are only scams.

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logo BankingBux
BankingBux is a paid to click service. You will find here 5+ ads per day for a price per click of 0.005 - 0.1EUR as a standard member. The minimum to have on your account to withdraw your earnings is 0.1EUR and the rules say the payment deadline is instant. You can choose from the following payou...
  • For request the first payment you need to click 100 advertisement and you need to get 10 active referrals.
  • You can transfer your Account Balance funds to your Purchase Balance with a fee of 90%
  • Waste of time
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