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logo Nanopool.
This mining pool contains native mining software, works on %1 commision for the pool, has good reporting and tracking features. Good categorization with help documents and step by step tutorials provide an easy quick start to new miners.
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Know more about mining Pools

The coin mining is an activity that requires good knowledge in computer science since the goal is to let the computing power of a CPU to serve a network of bitcoin mining - or other dematerialized currency. 


What's the coin mining / extraction ? 

This far west aftertaste name is the digital version of the gold rush

Simply : mining means to use the protocol defined by the creator of money to share the computing power involved in managing global transactions in that currency against making coins. This is called extraction or mining

In 2014 the bitcoin is booming but faces competition from the dogecoin and litecoin. So the sites listed above may be for mining a particular currency dematerialized. 


Why use a mining pool? 

Rather than tinker with its own virtual ore extraction, it is easier to use a network: this will allow you to spend less time configuring extraction. 

By joining a pool / a team / network will increase the frequency and stability of amounts earned (a process called reduction of variance), part-cons you earn less. 

In sum, the total gain will be the same as you miniez alone or in a team. Understand that the mining solo will earn a small jackpot from time to time, like a real miner discovering a nugget while undermining concert smoothes gains since the findings will be shared between teammates.

Especially for NetBusinessRating members > access to our list of sites which allows to earn bitcoins : http://netbusinessrating.com/en/tools/bitcoin-sites-list.php

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