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What is an Airdrop?

While crypto mining is no longer attractive enough, the Airdrops offer to bring you money without moving a finger, and all for free!

If we take the literal meaning, Airdrop, illustrates the concept rather well. In the case of crypto-money it is therefore a matter of receiving tokens free of charge. The company sets a specific number of tokens to distribute, depending on the objective to be achieved. The sum can in the end be rather substantial. The goal for the sender is first and foremost to make himself known and to get out of obscurity.

This process is different from the ICO, which makes it possible to invest in a project before it is launched.

Publicize the project in exchange for a reward

Distributing tokens has for aim to be known thanks to the airdrop, to have more and more users to ensure the success of a project or quite simply of the company in question. This could encourage investors to support this project even more

The company may also decide to offer you tokens for your loyalty. This will encourage you to continue following it.


How to participate in Airdrop?

By simple registration

Probably the simplest type of Airdrop. All you have to do is register on the web page of the company in question, which will offer you tokens in exchange for your registration.
These tokens will be saved directly to your account linked to this site. You will have the choice between keeping the tokens on the site, or sending them on your wallet.

Small tip: it is preferable to create an email address dedicated only to the Airdrop, because at first you will receive many emails. Second, remember that it's also a way to protect yourself. Remember to put a password different from your personal email address, so as not to have access to your personal data.

Linking your wallet

This system is quite similar to the one above, except that you need to add your wallet to receive the tokens directly on it. Without having to create an account on the site, you just have to give your email address and that of your wallet. Most often, the tokens related to these distributions, are ERC-20 type, which means you must have an Ethereum wallet.

> See our list of wallets that accept Ethereum.

Tip: use another email address, not your personal email and do not communicate your private wallet key. If you see that a site asks you to fill in your private key, this is probably a sign of a scam.


Growing your influence on BitCoinTalk

Quite different from the two other solutions mentioned above, this one is only intended for people who can be considered as influencers on the renowned BitcoinTalk.org crypto-currency forum. You must register to participate, then, depending on your rank, seniority and publications, you can receive tokens from several companies who will select you on the forum.

As a football star or fashion blogger, the more influential your voice is considered, the more tokens you can expect to receive.

To receive his commission you will then need, as the case may be:

  • post your wallet address as a comment,
  • promote their project in your signature on the forum,
  • or other varied requests that BitcoinTalk will specify at the time.

The Airdrops in this forum are in high demand because they often pay well! Some high ranking influencers have already earned thousands of dollars. Be active now on BitCoinTalk to be able to gain seniority on the forum and be able to hit the jackpot!

When's the same on netbusinessrating? This process must exist on other large cryptos forums so why not this one because even if it is not entirely dedicated to cryptos, its influence extends.



A snapshot Airdrop consists for a company to take a snapshot of your wallet at a given moment. The tokens you can get will depend on the ones you already have.

You can then be offered 10 XXX tokens (crypto example) for each ETH owned in your wallet. The analysis can then focus on the amount of ETH or BTC on your wallets. Each project will decide which cryptomonnaie will be the main analysis of its snapshot.

This analysis can also be done locally: for example 1/10th of XXX offered to each XXX owned.

Participating in most cases only requires your private wallet address. There are even reports of AirDrop asking for nothing and sending tokens to members' wallets, as if it were Christmas! This was the case for OmiseGO.

WARNING: Never, ever, give away your private wallet key!


Safety comes first!

Never forget that there is always a risk in investing. For that, some small reminders of common sense, to privilege. Because some Airdrop sites only want to take what you have.

1. Never give away your private keys, if a site tells you that you need to provide this kind of information, don't do it, because it's not necessary to have access to your wallet. If you reveal your private keys, it's probably risky for you, and there's a good chance your investment will go up in smoke.

2. The secondary email address is paramount. Although this has been repeated throughout the article, this point is emphasized. It's a way to protect yourself. Of course, do not use the same password as for your own personal address.

3. Check the information. If a company sets up an Airdrop, there will necessarily be advertising. It is better to take two minutes and take a look at the social networks, or take a look at the crypto forums. Don't forget that some smart guys could take advantage of the opportunity to get your personal data.

4. No financial participation. If you have to give money to take part in an Airdrop, this is not normal, probably a scam. Watch it!

Come on, now it's up to you to pick the Airdrops that interest you the most in our comparison!

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