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favicon Anuntiomatic anuntiomatic.com

AVERTISSEMENTThe NBR status only rates the PTC function. We advise against the use of functions present on many PTCs such as rented referrals (RR) or the purchase of adpacks which are only scams.

Anuntiomatic is a ptc:
- Unlimited Ads
- Payments every month just to get to 10000 Bonomatics once.
- Unlimited Direct Referrals.
- Quick Web.
- 9 Levels to Upgrade
- Support Bonomatics 5000 for people with disabilities.
- Half of the total profits of the enterprise with 10,000 users coming to Bonomatics is partitioned.

What are you waiting for, go to anuntiomatic and earn money every month for the rest of your life. !!!!

This page pays you when you get to 10,000 Bonomatics and best of all is that you pay every month only reach 10,000 Bonomatics once!

I explain here how you should do to make money every month.

1 -. You login (you enter your username and password).
2 -. Click on the icon that looks like a person and then make
3 -. Click once in pre-drafted.
4-. Fill the captcha.
5 -. Click ad published URL opens in a new browser tab / window.
6 -. Go to another tab / browser window.
7 -. Ask Another ad click Post.
8 -. Fill the captcha.
9. Published URL Click ad opens on a tab / new browser window.
10. When the account runs out behind the first announcement, prick on the link to generate the Bonomatics.
11. And now you can post another ad.
12 -. When account runs back in the second ad, click on the link to generate the Bonomatics.
13 -. Now you can and Post another ad.

Here a video :

The ad paid by paypal ... between 1 and 5 of each month

Business opportunity Anuntiomatic success from home
?From the comfort of your own home, only with your PC and Internet, Guaranteed revenue for you, from the first month and lifetime?

?Getting a FREE Now?

?You do not need special skills, the Anuntiomatic Opportunity is available to any person in any country?

Want to know how it works, as you charge your money, How to make that amount you need each month to those? Read to the end and Surprise yourself.

Who are we ?

Anuntiomatic.com Holding companies are a worldwide spread. We are owners and franchisors of a network of bulletin boards and classified ads online shops associated.

What we can offer you?

To sell our products and services, well as those of our partners and suppliers to promote our proposed Business Opportunity From Home, we need to publish an enormous amount of classified ads. We also need to record in other websites and recommend actions.

For this reason, We have created a unique and exclusive system, through a backoffice staff, where we give and have drafted the classified ads and other actions, which by dint of several simple mouse click, you can perform the, without special times in your spare time.

What's ads and other actions, without any need to get sales, you reward your work with our exclusive BonoMatics.

By submitting your affiliate link to potential customers that the publication of classified ads, to buy them BonoAnuncios, You also receive commissions BonoMatics. For every BonoAnuncio purchased by a customer who is not affiliated sponsor your client receive 1 BonoMatic per BonoAnuncio.

What are the BonoMatics?

The Bonomatics are a unit that we created to reward and distribute most of our revenues and profits to its owners. They are investments in our bottom. We distributed our earnings between our affiliate network.

What part of nuestra distribute monthly billing?

- Of the total turnover of the services or intangible products 50%.

- Of the total turnover of more than tangible products 20%, which is the guaranteed minimum.

How to Get BonoMatics?

- Publishing classified ads and pre-drafted from your own Backoffice.

- By registering on websites through your Backoffice.

- Buying BonoAnuncios with BonoMatics gift only through tu Backoffice.

- With your purchases in our Store Network.

- Opportunity Anuntiomatic recommending to others through your affiliate links.

?Once you reach the 10.000 BonoMatics, which is well easy, cobras every month for life if you do nothing more!?

Register Here:
Payout10 Dollar and Euro
Members countbetween 100 000 and 1 000 000
Average referral rate30%
Payment withininstant
Profit per click0.01 Dollar and Euro
Available clicks per day1000000
Payment solutions Payoneer , wire transfer
Languageinternational, english, french, german, spanish, portugese, italian, russian, arabic
Monitored since2219 days
Payments reported on NBR   467,89 $
Accepted countries All
Evolution rules of status
Six in number, the statutes reflect the trust we place in the payment reliability of a rewarding site. This rating depends on the payment testimonials reported on by the members as well as the informed opinions of the administrators and moderators.

legit Some payment testimonials from many members
promising Some payment testimonials from some members
new Default status
doubtful Doubt on the payment reliability
scam Not paying or not paying soon
closed Inactive or missing site

Specific rules for PTC to be classified as LEGIT site :
  1. Be older than 1 year.
  2. Use own or original licensed script.
  3. Don't attract users with any kind of bonus to deposit (not to be likened to a ponzi)
  4. Giving free credits to users to post positive comments are strictly prohibited (ask if you want, but don't pay for it).

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  • Actual rating of Anuntiomatic
Reason to the status currently assigned by netbusinessrating since the 12/18/2015 at 12:58 PM
Several payment proof or payment testimony posted.
Users Advice
3 Opinions on 8 comments
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4 years
Anuntiomatic turn to closed status.

Reason : Several payment proof or payment testimony posted.
Payment proof from alpollo
5 years
Amount received : 127€
Payment from payoneer
Payment proof from alpollo
6 years
Amount received : 91.8$
Payment proof from alpollo
6 years
Amount received : 240.67$
Another payment prof....
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