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Jeunesse Global

Jeunesse Global

favicon Jeunesse Global jeunesseglobal.com
# 68th

AVERTISSEMENTSome MLM more incentive to make sales within your network rather than external customers. This practice is discouraged because it is a source of failure for new distributors.

09/09/2009 Created by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, Global Youth has already taken its place among the best. Already at the 46 th in the top 100 DSN (Direct Selling News) in 2014, it rose to 38th in 2015. Global Youth is one of the companies with one of the fastest increases.


For the year 2015, the company aims of $ 1 billion in revenue. Following the rapid growth that has taken place in several markets, including Europe, Latin America and North America, it set a sales record in April with more than 78 million sales!

Youth also registered more than 90,000 new distributors in April 2015, an increase of 11% since February.

Jeunesse Global offers products in the field of anti-aging. It is a market that represents $ 500 Billion, while we are less than 8 Billion Humans. This highlights a reality: nobody wants to grow old!


This technology is that of the stem cells. the video below, created by the company, Dr. Nathan Newman shows that clearly explains what stem cell technology:

The most important product is the cell regeneration serum, but all products of luminesced range have been designed to work together. You will find tons of stories on this page

Jeunesse Global offers many products assembled in the system YES (Youth Enhancement System)

REGENERATION: luminesced range off ers a unique technology of stem cells to help your skin restore its own vitality, with incredible results?.

DECREASE: Instantly Ageless wrinkle cream works in minutes on the bags, dark circles, wrinkles, fine lines ... see the video.

STRENGTHEN: AM & PM Essentials contain vitamins, minerals and nutrients that reinforce good cell function and delay premature aging.

DEFEND: RESERVED is a fortified fruit puree that combines a blend of super fruits and antioxidants to protect cells against damage from pollution.

REPAIR: finiti is a powerful dietary supplement, which lengthens patented and restores the short telomeres in humans to protect our DNA.

BALANCING: ZEN BODI balance your metabolism to a comprehensive, targeted for weight management.


The compensation plan includes 6 bonus:

Referral Bonus
Commissions Cycles (that could be called team bonus)
Bonus leverage
Bonus New customers
Diamond Bonus


Between 20 and 45% depending on the product sale. When a customer goes through your online store, you gain in margin, the difference between the purchase price (which varies whether it is privileged or not client) and the dealer price.

If you are a distributor, every time you sign 2 new preferred customer you receive:

$ 50 (about 46 EUR)
A qualification bonuses for the current month
2 vials of serum free cell regeneration (for the first two, then it will be 10 minis sera)

Referral Bonus:

When you have a new person who joins your team, you earn a bonus after the starter pack it takes:

BASE PACK = 100 hp, about 23 EUR
PACK SUPREME = 300 hp, about 91 EUR
JUMBO PACK = 400 hp, about 183 EUR
JUMBO PACK YEAR = 400 hp, about 183 EUR (you are qualified for 1 year)
AMBASSADOR PACK = 500 hp, about 229 EUR
Each pack corresponds to a quantity of product, but also to other benefits such as access to a place for a limited period. This gives you access to other Bonus.

Commissions in cycles:

binary system

If you do not know how a binary system, see this article.

Basically you develop 2 teams in your network, one that is developed by you, your up-line and your down-line.

When a team has accumulated 300 points, and the other CV 600 points, you will gain commissions by cycles of approximately 32 EUR.

This bonus is paid weekly, and you can earn up to 750 cycles / week.

Leverage Bonus:

Earn a bonus commissions on gains in cycles of each person on your team. Each person you refer your first line generates. The people are your first line sponsoring your 2nd line and so on up to 7 lines.

Here is the earned bonus:

1st line: 20% of their commissions per cycle
2nd line: 15%
3rd line: 10%
From the 4th to the 7th line: 5%

Bonus New customers:

You will receive 25% instead of 20% on your first line if you:
? 5 Clients
? 5 Privileged Clients
Or ? 5 Clients Resellers

You can earn up to 30% if you are sponsoring:
? 10 Clients
? 10 Clients Resellers
? Preferred Customers or 10 in the month.

This bonus is valid for the current month.

Diamond Bonus

The Company earns 3% of total CV and share this amount between the Diamond qualified.
Initial cost30 $
Kind of produt sold by this companyFood / Dietary / Cosmetics / perfumes /
Payment solutionsPaypal, wire transfer, carte bancaire
Monitored since3073 days
Payments reported on NBR   9 564,09 $
Accepted countries All
They use Jeunesse Global
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    legit Some payment testimonials from many members
    promising Some payment testimonials from some members
    new Default status
    doubtful Doubt on the payment reliability
    scam Not paying or not paying soon
    closed Inactive or missing site

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    Status history
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    • 2015-07-21 13:33:52
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    5 years
    Jeunesse Global turn to doubtful status.

    Reason : Other
    6 years
    Jeunesse Global turn to legit status.

    Reason : User comments are positive
    7 years
    Jeunesse Global turn to promising status.

    Reason : Some proof of payment
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