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4 Opinions on 6 comments
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7 months
i was scammed $80,000 by a trader, he claimed to be a forex mentor. it was really sad for me due to the fact that i lost my life savings to this scam, i was deceived and cheated, But all thanks to an investigating agency that helped with my case and recovered all my money back from the scammer and they dont charge upfront fees to help. i can refer you to them if you suffer in the hands of scammer.
WhatsApp +84 94 767 1524
Email: Jeffsilbert39 @ gmail .com

5 years
I'll start by saying I am one of the few that made money and left from here, about 4 btc, yet it is VERY MUCH A SCAM. Make a new account, you'll do better to start. Then once you start betting bigger it'll 'lag' (which is what the admin Daniel says it is) and then not let you cash out, or you'll become psychic and start clicking out right before it crashes yet the screen glitches, multiplier reverses and it keeps your money. If the lag isn't intentional or crash triggered since you're the high bettor, then the site has severe operational issues and you shouldn't be playing on it anyways.

The provably fair system is good in essence if there was in fact a way to confirm that the site owner is not altering the hashes being produced in order to correspond to the algorithm confirmation third party resources that you're directed to. I mean first time I placed a 222 bit bet with their 'recommended auto-cashout method' which locks in your multiplier pre-round; I put 34x and it crashed at 33.94x. And I assure you I'm not a psychic

If you get on and it suddenly doesn't let you cash yet you clicked out perfectly, I'd advise to stop right then, that's the main trigger used. I see people lose life savings on here and Daniel the admin constantly backtracking/telling people different stories as to why issues happen. Oh and some of the bettors are bots to keep betting going, don't buy into that either. | Edit. : 07/04/2018 5:51:02
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