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favicon Redex

AVERTISSEMENTPonzi scheme based websites are illegal. Don't use them, else you will be scammed.

Redex is a website or rather a Russian company working in several sectors, but we will focus on solidarity work

I present the largest bitcoin gain system in the world, with the Russian platform Redex
Redex the website we offer the opportunity to earn a lot with initial investment of 0.005 btc

The site has 7 levels:
Level 1 :

We have to file 0.005 BTC, then we must invite else register on the site with your referral link (the referral link will be seen only after removing the btc 0.005) to help
when our group in the 1st level reaches 62 guest active group 1 win BTC 0.155
and that another person is in the group and filed btc 0.005 is the 2 em group that will win the 0155 btc and so on

Level 2 :

With your wining 0155 BTC we have to pay for 0.064 came to level 2 if you want to continue on this site or you can withdraw them.
on level 2 the group must have 30 members to be active (ie all members must deposit with 0.155 btc must file the 0.064) and is gained 1.024 BTC
and so we arrived at 5 em level and you win 138 BTC ($ 75,000) it is a very interesting challenge.

6 and 7 are VIP level em this is to say we must pay for 10 btc accessed and the gains are very very large btc 1800 ($ 1 million)
the site is serious, I know someone who is already removing bitcoins

Trust me and you will win your fair life with the 0.005 investment btc
What is the principle? the principle is to work as a single tree
This tree is composed of 62 people
First there's the person he named Cristoph
Now let's move on to tree branches How ??
Cristoph must bring 62 people to complete the first phase of 100%.
Cristoph bring two people a right (Samuray) and the other on the left (David).
Will bring two people -SAMURAY also a right (Benet) and the other to the left (LBI)
- DAVID also bring two people and one on the right (Zaid) and the other on his left (JOSEPH)
And this indefinitely do, each person brings back the other person
***** ****** &
? bite frequently asked questions:
# Membership Requirements:
? Have 0.005 (Bitcoin)
? register link of a member

? What is the duration of work:
The work is being handled by the group of 62 people is reached to 100%, you can withdraw money
? What do I do: get people to your team and to cooperate with them until the required number is reached
Minimal investment0 bitcoin
Payment solutions bitcoin
Monitored since1186 days
Payments reported on NBR   0,00 $
Accepted countries All
  • Actual rating of Redex
Reason to the status currently assigned by netbusinessrating since the 05/07/2019 at 6:43 PM
Closed website
Status history
  • 2016-09-01 12:58:03
  • Ads Pack selling as Ponzi scheme
Users Advice
3 Opinions on 14 comments
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3 months
Redex turns to closed status.

Reason : Closed website
2 years
Redex turn to scam status.

Reason : Ads Pack selling as Ponzi scheme
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