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favicon KillerFaucet.com killerfaucet.com
KillerFaucet.com is a faucet rotator for various facets that are all payable out to faucethub.io. It is also an auto-faucet that collects coins for you every 5mins for allowing killerfaucet to mine some Monero when you opt-in to the auto faucet. You can see it mines from coinhive to do the captchka. You can collect bitcoin, bitcoincash, ethereum, litecoin, peercoin, potcoin, blackcoin, zcash, bitcore, dogecoin, and I am sure I am missing one in the plethora of coins you can harvest from faucets with this collection tool.
This is an auto faucet for every coin you can collect on facucethub and it is more interestingly a collection of faucets organized in a manner that makes it easy, simple and fast to collect from many faucets without having to have a million tabs open at once or scroll through a mile long bookmark list. You just click next and move on to the next site collect and hit next again. It is fast and effective.

The site is published in English.
Rotator of the best faucets
Managable faucet collections
You have to do some mining to get the auto faucets to work but it should be noted you can use the reotator and neglect using the autofaucets.
You could just mine on coinhive using your own link but they payout is huge. You get the autofaucets right away. It is fun this one is green red.
Crypto-currencie to winBTC, BCH, BTX, BLK, DASH, Doge, ETH, LTC, PPC, POT, ZEC
Payment solutionsFaucethub.io
Monitored since733 days
Payments reported on NBR   20,00 $
Accepted countries All
Evolution rules of status
Six in number, the statutes reflect the trust we place in the payment reliability of a rewarding site. This rating depends on the payment testimonials reported on by the members as well as the informed opinions of the administrators and moderators.

legit Some payment testimonials from many members
promising Some payment testimonials from some members
new Default status
doubtful Doubt on the payment reliability
scam Not paying or not paying soon
closed Inactive or missing site

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  • Actual rating of KillerFaucet.com
Reason to the status currently assigned by netbusinessrating since the 03/04/2020 at 5:48 PM
Closed website
Status history
  • 2018-10-24 19:00:06
  • Some proof of payment
Users Advice
3 Opinions on 9 comments
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3 weeks
KillerFaucet.com turns to closed status.

Reason : Closed website
PY avatar
1 year
KillerFaucet.com turn to promising status.

Reason : Some proof of payment
Payment proof from DroopyCee
1 year
Amount received : 43 BTC, BCH, ETH, ZEC, POT, PPC. LTC, DASH, BLK, BTX
I ran the auto faucet on every coin for a few hours on a hotspot and got back all this on faucet hub. My balances were zero when I started. I suspect you would get better results not using a wireless network and using an actual fast internet service to do the auto-faucet collection as a few of the pages times out and did not mine. As you can see though after the initial input of the collection address the auto faucets work with no additional effort from you. Verdict. This is a legitimate fun way to get multiple cryptocurrencies deposited to your faucethub.io every 5mins by mining. It is a well-designed site with a cool look. The faucet rotators are neat too. The site designers will through in the ocassional tip such as ad networks that are good for getting referrals or promoting your own faucet with tips on how to make your own faucets. It is good advice from knowledgeable people trying to help you. It is not meant to interfere with your collection. It is there to help you be successful with faucets and cryptocurrencies if you are interested. This site was made by a pretty cool guy if I had to guess. Help them out by running the auto-faucets for a bit while going through the rotator and signing up for sites then post your proof of payment here. They deserve that for the efforts to help make everyone's faucet collections easy. Help them for helping you and offering up their knowladge for free. Reviews and proofs of payment are the best thank yous you can give to such sites. Good reviews make a world of difference. You have more power then you think so help out a cool site. Try them out and post what you think. It will take you way less time then it took them to make it for you.
Payment proof from DroopyCee
1 year
Amount received : 20$
$20 that is a guess to the amount I have been paid out by the various faucets this connects you too. I don't have the picture proof as it is spread out over tons of faucets but this tool didn't really pay me out. The faucets it directed me to did. So really I am just giving it credit for the payouts it helps you receive.
KillerFaucet.com is an awesome tool to help you maximize your faucet collections in a neat organized manner. It is not really a just an auto faucet in itself. It is a faucet tool that rotates through the various faucet sites in a neat orderly fashion to help you hit all the good ones as fast and efficiently as possible. Allowing you to earn the maximum amount in as short of a time as possible.

It is a preorganized set of bookmarks in an easy to navigate format you could call it a rotator. It is a list of all the places you can collect the various cryptocurrencies for the following: Bitcoin Cash, BitCore, Blackcoin, Dash, DigiByte, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Peercoin, Potcoin, Primecoin, and Zcash. The also have an auto faucet for all the faucethub coins. You just leave the window open and it automatically collects the particular crypto you choose every 5 mins. It is pretty neat it goes straight to your faucet hub wallet.

You can do each rotator buy coin you just click the next button. They even offer up the best ad networks to promote your affiliate links on. So you can maximize your ad dollar when trying to get referrals with paid advertisements.

This is by far the most interesting and useful faucet collection tool I have seen. Just start clicking and signing up for all the faucets as they come up and eventually you will have them all and can collect super fast making faucets a real actually way to easily make some noticeable income.

It is well designed and just in general looks cool if you were to ask me. I don't know why everyone that collects from faucets doesn't just use this tool. I am sure there is features I am missing as I just clicked one button and was like WOW!! This is neat! Collect from thousands of faucets all in this one sport while you run your favorite auto faucets too. Perhaps on your phone. | Edit. : 12/09/2018 22:48:46
DroopyCee Try it out and leave a review too so we can get this useful tool up in the rankings for more people to take advantage of. I mean what can be bad about it. It makes life easy and it is a FREE service.
1 year
Payment proof from cybermeez
1 year
Amount received : 0.001 DogeCoin
This site has faucets for 10 different currencies (BCH, BTX, BLK, DASH, DOGE, ETH, LTC, PPC, POT and XPM). It has immediately paid every claim I've made to my FaucetHub account. The site also has links to over 1600 other faucets you can claim from, news, articles for those new to cryptocurrency, and a clear terms of service, privacy policy and info about the site's owner.
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