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favicon Steemit steemit.com
# 1st
Steemit.com is a social network that is run on a blockchain. It is like reddit and facebook all rolled into one. The neat thing though is like bitcoin needs no bank, steem needs no corporation or central servers. No one is collection and selling your data. You get to keep that. To make it even better you get paid to post. You do not get paid a few penny's you gat paid in steem and in amounts that can be thousands of dollars if you have a popular post. People make a living on here. Since there is no moderation you have a grade. You start a 25 that can go up or down. So behave, lol.
When you get steem it is not powered up. If you keep it and don't move it it becomes steem power, which increase the power of you up and down votes on steem it and the many other applications that are offered, Dsound is like soundcloud. Dtube is like YouTube, dMAnia is like Instagram, but on steem the things you post remain yours. You no longer are giving the rights to your intellectual property away. In fact when people like it you get paid for you contribution. $600 for a good MEME! Yes really. You have to get on steem. There is a bit of a wait but not too bad 7 days tops. or you can pay $20 and get right in, they will give you half that $20 back in steem so it gives you some clout right off the bat.
Keep your private data
Get paid to post in steem tokens
Keep your steem and get more POS
Payment solutionsCryptocurrency Wallet
Monitored since1863 days
Payments reported on NBR   0,00 $
Accepted countries All
Evolution rules of status
Six in number, the statutes reflect the trust we place in the payment reliability of a rewarding site. This rating depends on the payment testimonials reported on by the members as well as the informed opinions of the administrators and moderators.

legit Some payment testimonials from many members
promising Some payment testimonials from some members
new Default status
doubtful Doubt on the payment reliability
scam Not paying or not paying soon
closed Inactive or missing site

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  • Actual rating of Steemit
Reason to the status currently assigned by netbusinessrating since the 06/05/2018 at 10:52 AM
Users Advice
7 Opinions on 13 comments
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10 months
I used to have a lot of concerns about trading since there are lots of risks involved, so I've made it a point to only work with regulated platform. That's how I discovered Maria Renee platform. From what I've gathered by now, this platform seems legit. My experience has been completely positive so far, successful withdrawal, great profits.
Thanks for your assistance
Contact her on WhatsApp: +1 732-630-9483
12 months
I had put it upon myself to celebrate and dance endlessly with profound happiness to appreciate Maria Renee for the great job done.
I started trading with her and watched my profits grows on a daily basis with her amazing skills And good brokerage, I made a withdrawal without being charged a fee.
I'm really indebted and Grateful for your good work and service WhatsApp : +1 (732) 630 -9483
4 years
Steemit is an amazing website where we can earn only by writing posts and comments and even making videos and pictures. You can find me there as clixmoney. We have also dtube built on steem blockchain where we can share our videos. We have dlive for streaming. We have steepshot for pictures and more apps like esteem on android and ios. So, I think you have to join steemit because it's really the best decentralized platorm.
4 years
Steemit turn to legit status.

Reason : Paying
Payment proof from DroopyCee
5 years
Amount received : 0.5 Steem
Today I got paid for my social skills. I think I better keep the dice lucky. lol. I am actually done. Happy with my dice run.
Payment proof from DroopyCee
5 years
Amount received : 29.52 Steem
DELETE FACEBOOK!!!They are stilling your content and getting rich. ~KEEP YOUR WORK~ STEEMIT instead. PEOPLE MAKE $1200 USD in STEEM for a post all day long.
Payment proof from DroopyCee
5 years
Amount received : 36 Steem
Yes I lost some too. Try to just win though. I really did get insainly lucky when I bet big. Max pay out is 25 SBD on steemit dice. Again. I remeber the converion to Steem at that time was .72 Steem/SBD.
Payment proof from DroopyCee
5 years
Amount received : 24.99 Steem
Hey I got it from dice but dice on Steemit. I an not that social but I turned a bit over 1 SBD into about 120 SDB hehe.
Payment proof from DroopyCee
5 years
Amount received : 1.67 Steem
Yeah. I didn't sell my soul to a corporation and I got paid. I am not a blogger. Found out you can get paid like your self A steem dollar is at the lowest typically .7 STEEM sometimes they are near even. I tied posting two images. It did not work. That is why it says 1.67STEEM. | Edit. : 26/05/2018 3:07:18
This pays out the pie hole and you are not being stalked and censored by a corporation you get paid in tokens that I dunno could increase in value and the POS mine once you power them up by getting up votes. Its a decentralized network like bitcoin its on a blockchain. So look it does this too :p . I told you! Now though Listen to this steem tokens I think with rise in value A LOT when the people that are not all crypto see this and just want to buy there status so they buy $10,000 of steem. Just a guess but you want to start geting more now! Advice that really you don't have to buy heck you don't even have to post. A thoughtful reply can make more then the article. So do what you do on Facebook but do that here. Worst case you post and make nothing. Best case you become a viral blogger and make $10,000 a day. Pictures are of the steemit.com trending feed 4/25/2018
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