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favicon Airdrop.link airdrops.link
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AVERTISSEMENTThe vast majority of ICO are only vulgar ponzi scheme scams

Airdrops.link is a site that aggregates all the various airdrops that are available online into one neat easy to follow list. I never knew how many airdrops were available. If the coins are worth what the various places say they will be you can make $1000 + here. Each one has basic instructions to get you started on the right path.
Spend a few hours going down this list and signing up for them then doing the minimum registration, authentication, as wells as linking and liking of things for each Airdrop. That is all you must do to earn a good bit. It is not effortless, but it is easy. You need a telegram account for sure. They like to pay you to link stuff so get a GitHub, Reddit, Youtube, Gmail, Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, etc.

Also, once you sign up enter your referral code into the downline builder and the people that you refer here will always be added to your downline. This wins you more coins. Grow 20 Airdrop Downlines all at once. It is easy to do. If you do not have a referral code entered in they will give the downline to the person that added the Airdrop I think.
A user made list of Airdrops
Add an Airdrop all people who are self-referred or whose referrer has not entered a code for that drop goes to your downline
Airdrop sign-up and downline builder all in one spot.
There is a sizable amount of money here, In the right 2 you get over an estimated $500 US in coin.
Regional restrictions on some Airdrops. Sure would be nice to be Canadian sometimes.
Start Date2018-06-12
End Date2028-03-31
1640 days
Raised Amount (in dollar) N/A
Category Recruitment
Languageinternational, english
Monitored since1940 days
Accepted countries All
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