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VestChain (VEST)

VestChain (VEST)

favicon VestChain (VEST) vestchain.io
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VestChain presents a decentralized accessible blockchain and cryptocurrency infrastructure;
it is absolutely open source content management system.
VestChain is promoting a smart contract platform.

Bilevel blockchain

- The VestChain is composed of two-level blockchains. The first level is made of flexible segment blockchains (shards),
- the second one presents a core blockchain that validates the blocks from the shard blockchains.

Mining in a way of marketing

- We developed a base for stimulations which centers on a game theory;
- hash powers in it are encouraged to be shared among shards equally.
- 60% of all the hash power is assigned to the core chain to avoid episodes of double spending.

Horizontal expandability

- With TPS growing, the super-full node price may rise sky-high.
- We organize numerous reliable nodes together constituting a set assuming the role of a super-full node.

Inter-segmental operations

- A person may conduct inter-segmental operations whenever he or she wants;
- they are going to be approved double-quick.
- As the quantity of shards grows, the inter-segmental operation capacity grows in a linear mode.

Easy to manage

- All the shards demand the single account.
- One and the same smart wallet may be used for all the cryptocurrencies from various shards.

Data-centered contracts

- A new tool with the knowledge graph as a core simplifies the process of smart contracts encasing.
- The consistent W3C smart data successfully deprives such disadvantage of the smart contracts as non intelligence.
Bilevel blockchain
Market capitalsation > 20 M$
Market Price
Monitored since1722 days
Accepted countries All
They use VestChain (VEST)
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