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Minepi Network

Minepi Network

favicon Minepi Network minepi.com

Use this code to get a sign in bonus : SicilianLegend

MinePi allows you to mine PI with your phone, a new crypto which will enter the market in 2021
We are approximately 5,000,000 active users worldwide. You are not asked for money or funding.

The project takes place in three concrete phases.

Phase 1
This first phase has lasted almost a year since the PI NETWORK application was launched to the general public (in March 2019). This step is actually a virtual simulation of the mobile mining protocols by the developer's server.

It also aimed to federate a community around the Pi Network application. Users were able to start mining on their cell phones while Coreteam developed the PC software and observed the behavior of the miners.

Here we'll explain how the Pi Network app available on Google Play and the APP store works. The purpose of the application is to secure the blockchain, in particular by creating security circles between users.


Phase 2
Phase 2 or Testnet started in April 2020 with the launch of PI NODE on a computer.

It is essential to couple the mobile application with a powerful mining software for the realization of the most complex tasks of the blockchain.

During the Testnet, the centralized server will generate scenarios, simulate transactions, test crashes to test the system in extreme conditions and correct the mining protocol.

Computer mining is not for everyone, which is why a selection will be made by the Pi Network team during April-May 2020 to recruit NODES and SUPERNODES.

If you are interested in this step, you will need to download the PI NODE software which is available here (on MAC and PC) and participate in the questionnaire.

Phase 3
During phase 1 and 2, the PI cryptocurrency does not yet exist because the virtual blockchain is created by a centralized server. At the end of phase 2 of the test, the developers will have created a stable blockchain protocol combining NODES calculations and data security via PI NETWORK.

As we explained, for a cryptocurrency to be worth, the blockchain system must be flawless and decentralized.

Phase 3 is the actual launch of the PI cryptocurrency and a PI Marketplace that will buy, sell or exchange PI for other cryptocurrencies.

It is likely that this phase will not see the light of day next year (2021).

your invitation code: falken555

Be aware that you have to click once a day to reactivate your application.

If you have any other questions contact me.

Please leave your pseudonym PI in comments, I would distribute PI which I would win later. when the exchange will be open
Free mining over the phone.
Does not damage the battery.
5,000,000 active users worldwide.
We don't yet know its value.
Loss of pi if your miners are inactive.

Use this code to get a sign in bonus : SicilianLegend

Token namePI
Free tokens to claim1
Estimated value in dollar0$
Start Date2019-01-06
End Date2021-06-30
Languageenglish, french
Monitored since449 days
Accepted countries All
Users Advice
2 Opinions on 3 comments
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8 months
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