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favicon Swissborg swissborg.com
SwissBorg is one of the biggest trading companies for 2021.

This company allows the buying and selling of crypto at the best price.


Swissborg has an intelligent engine.
It is a process which will seek the best prices and the lowest fees on various trading platforms.

Like Booking a smart engine, for hotel offers ...
Swissborg an intelligent engine, to track down the best prices, when you want to make a transaction.

Swissborg's technology is so powerful that the process takes less than 5 seconds.

Swissborg is available on the smartphone app.

You can find cryptos there like:


As well as the CHSB: Swissborg token.

There will also be USDC staking of up to 20% APY.

There is a standard version and a premium version.
Soon a premium + version.

Take the standard version:

Deposit fee: 0%.
Trading fees: 0.5%.
Withdrawal fee: 0.5%.

Swissborg is a Swiss company of almost 3 years.
This is the company to follow in 2021.
A token that increases in value.
And, above all, it's a perfect way to be sure to buy crypto for a real market price.

Some fees may seem expensive.

0.5% on Swissborg and 0.1% on Binance.

Regardless, I pay less for the crypto on Swissborg, because I would have gotten it at the better price.

The company has a referral program as well.
It offers a scratch ticket of up to $ 100 BTC, for any deposit of $ 50 in minimum crypto.

1) Open an account.
2) Verify your identity.
3) Deposit $ 50 in crypto.
4) Scratch your ticket.

Thank you.

Swissborg also has a secondary application: Swissborg community, which is 100% free (foxyrating sheet).
Which crypto-currencies can be exchanged?BTC
Payment solutionswire transfer, Cryptocurrency Wallet
Languageinternational, english
Monitored since33 days
Payments reported on NBR   6 489,37 $
Accepted countries All
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legit Some payment testimonials from many members
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doubtful Doubt on the payment reliability
scam Not paying or not paying soon
closed Inactive or missing site

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Reason to the status currently assigned by netbusinessrating since the 12/26/2020 at 3:23 PM
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3 weeks
Swissborg turns to legit status.

Reason : Paying
1 month
In addition to having written this sheet, I guarantee you that this platform is the best.

Coinbase crypto purchase 1.49% to 3.99% fee.

Binance just lowered its fees like Swissborg to 1% (on purchases).

Kraken 3.99% etc ...

The only downside is the 1% of exchanges but again we have the impression of losing money when not at all.

For 100 $ of transactions with swissborg I receive an average of 98.97 $.

With Coinbase for the same amount, I get an average of $ 96.11

With Binance it's almost the same as Swissborg with $ 98.43

So why when we see 1% on Swissborg and Binance 0.10% we feel like we are losing.

Because Swissborg takes a 1% fee but we pay a Bitcoin at the right price.

Excluding Binance and worse Coinbase, we pay a Bitcoin with slightly more spread.

The spread (trading term) is the broker's fees.
Often referred to as hidden charges.

Taking a $ 20,000 Bitcoin with Swissborg, we're going to pay it almost that price.
While on Coinbase we pay it at $ 20,500

Of course the above is taken as an example, it is possible to buy more or less expensive depending on the day and depending on the amounts being traded.

Despite everything, the Swissborg Smart Engine does the job well.

You can imagine it, but I'm in premium version.

Relatively expensive version for small wallets.

I made a suggestion to sales support in order to best compete with the behemoths.

If Swissborg lowers the fees, they will certainly have more people and above all more exchanges.

Their flaw: they are too transparent in relation to the fees. The 1% scares many novices.

Despite everything, let's take French companies, just the deposit by credit card is 3.99% + 1.49% of exchange fees + the spread achieved by the company and we can quickly end up with 8% of its transaction from A to Z less .

Of course, I bought the token (86k), I will benefit from the premium and soon the premium plus.

At the time I bought the token at 0.007 $ today it is worth 25x more.
And he still has a bright future ahead of him.

Thank you
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