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Ergo (ERG)

Ergo (ERG)

favicon Ergo (ERG) ergoplatform.org
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Ergo is a Defi protocol based on its own Proof-of-Work algorithm: Autolykos, which is a variant of Equihash
and offers better ASIC resistance.
ERG is Ergo's native token

For better security, the development of Turing-Complete scripts is possible but on several blocks.

At this point, in addition to transaction fees, miners will also benefit from storage rent fees charged on boxes (UTXOs)
that have not moved their coins for four years or more.
There are at least two advantages to this approach.
- Firstly, it gives miners an additional source of revenues once block rewards end.
Since the security of the network depends on hashrate and miner participation, this is an important incentive to provide.
- Secondly, it has the effect of recycling lost coins (and dust) back into the Ergo economy.

Research suggests that up to 4 million BTC have been permanently removed from circulation due to lost private keys.
Ergo's storage fees will slowly reclaim these for productive purposes,
while users who want to hold coins for the long term can avoid being charged simply by moving their funds.
Market capitalsation > 20 M$
Languageinternational, english, french
Market Price
Monitored since832 days
Accepted countries All
They use Ergo (ERG)
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