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A Course On Making Your Own Crypto Game

A look at an online-course made by Loom Network (cryptozombies)

What IS is a free online learning resource that is basically a class with a curriculum that users can follow to gain the skills needed to build games on the Ethereum Network. It was created by the Loom Network a group interested in expanding the way people use and view blockchains. 

Why aims to teach the interested and self-motivated student how to code with Solidity. The class starts with the absolute basics so no experience is necessary to get started, the idea being the curious student can start here and eventually get to an assignment where use solidity and deploy to a live PlasmaChain with real gamers using the Dapp and the ultimate goal of charging an admission fee to their new game and making some money off what they have made.

If you are interested in creating a crypto game of your own with ethereum but do not have the slightest clue on how to start, going to school at would probably be smart. A place where you start at the very beginning and build on that. This way when getting to the hard part it is not so bad. It is just a bit more knowledge that you can add to what you now know.

A Great Place To Start

The site has a nice visual flare that makes it fun to use. It is very well done and helps to motivate students to create something for other to do. This site is a huge effort by the Loom Network and is a favor to everyone. There is real effort put in here to teach people a new skill that they can use to better themselves and maybe make a game that people will enjoy. Check it out if you are someone interested in crypto games. Put in the effort and you will learn to make one. Who knows you may even enjoy it by the time you are done. The picture below is of the course menu.

Click here to go to start learning how to make your own crypto game. If you are sick of referring to the same old thing that doesn't seem to grab the attention of the people you send, just make your own game on a blockchain and do what you think everyone should. will enpower you to make what you say a crypto game should be. 

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