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Guideline on how to write an article on NBR

Here are some tips for writing articles on NBR.
Here appears the subtitle that will also be used to generate the description META tag (i.e. the text to be found on the search engines)

To begin: choose a striking/catchy visual

After entering a title and a subtitle, it is mandatory to add a presentation image (as above) to grab the reader's attention. This image should reflect the content of your article.

To that end, click on the "upload image" button, located at the top of the form, to add the image of your choice. 

  • Frame size: 900 x 450 px 
  • Format : jpeg ou png
  • Weight : 500ko maxi

This image will be shown at the top of the article (in full-page), like the one above.


Use a "Titre 2" for any new paragraph

All paragraph titles must be in "Titre 2" format.

To that end, mark/highlight the text requested and click on "Normal" > "Titre 2":

The text will be formatted while publishing, thanks to a CSS style sheet.

Title tags allowed are Titre 2 and Titre 3 only. You can use them several times each.


Drafting instructions

Title and subtitles

Choose short and explicit titles. Please see above an example of Title 3.

Whether for titles or elsewhere in the article, there is no need to change the size of the text: everything is managed by the CSS style sheet. This enables to maintain an homogeneity between articles.


You are totally free to write as you want!

But you will understand: the more your article will be clear, well presented and interesting: the more you will grab readers!

Here are some tips:

  • use a catchy title to arouse the readers' curiostity,
  • structure your article: your plan must be simple and logical,
  • an airy text is a lot morpleasant to read => focus on short paragraphs,
  • enhance your text by inserting images and/or videos,
  • highlight important words by using italicbold or colors,
  • prefer quality to quantity...

In short, nothing complicated that you don't know already!

Author account

All "Author" information appearing at the end of the article can be edit: please click on "My profile"> "Edit my account".

You can add a description and any links to your social network profiles.


Warning: user session limited to 20 minutes!

Please always keep in mind that you will automatically be logged out after 20 minutes without changing to another page.
We strongly recommend that you write your article off the site and then copy/paste it ONLY when designing layout is left! 

Before clicking on the "validate" button => open a new tab and double check you still logged in. If you're not, log in to your account through this new tab. This will remain your session available on the tab where you wrote the article so you can safely validate it.


Link your article to a review

Want to present a review in greater depth or a tutorial? You can write an article so it can be displayed on a specific review of NBR. To that end, go to the review of your choice and click on OPTIONS > Add an article

Please note that all the links about the requested review will have to refer to its NBR review.

FYI: we can tolerate one referral link per article only.


Now it's your turn ;)

Authors of qualitative articles that do not contain any copy/pasted text or any referral links will receive tokens to show our thanks for a job well done.

Learn more about rewards

For any question, please feel free to contact us by PM ou mail.

NBR Team

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Hi Raza001,
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