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How to Get Free Bitcoins?

Check multiple ways to get free bitcoins.

Bitcoin ?

Bitcoin is a payment system implemented as opensource software in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, developer. Payments in the system are recorded in a public register using its own unit of account, which is also called Bitcoin. Payments operate in peer-to-peer without a single administrator (such as a state or banking organization), which led the US Treasury to appoint the Bitcoin virtual currency as a decentralized. Although its status currency is contested, the media often refer to as a Bitcoin crypto-currency or digital currency.

Bitcoins are created as a reward for the work of payment processing in which users offer their power calculation to verify and record the payment in the "public book."
There they are calling miners, individuals or companies that engage in this activity in exchange for transaction costs to create new bitcoins.
Besides mining, bitcoins can be obtained in exchange for paper money, products or services. Users can send and receive electronic bitcoins for a transaction amount using optional software portfolio on a personal computer, a mobile device or through a web application.

The symbol of bitcoin is BTC.
Currently (October 2014), the value is 1 BTC = 300 euros (price varies daily, upwards and downwards).

To begin, open a Bitcoin wallet on Coinbase (5 euros offered for register)
This wallet can be linked to your bank account (SEPA transfert) to buy bitcoins or recover gains by converting BTC.
The mobile application allows certain sites, a QRCode scanner to make payment easier :
- Android : Google Play,
- iOS : App Store.

How to Get Free Bitcoins?

On bitcoin faucet sites, you can earn satoshi (referring to Satoshi Nakamoto) that will be converted BTC before transfer on your Coinbase wallet.
No registration necessary, just enter the username of your Bitcoin wallet and validate a captcha.
Some sites cumulate themselves and pay the satoshi once a week, others go through a collector wallet as Microwallet pay from 0.00005825 BTC, but occasionally (as below), it takes a little longer.

Another wallet that offers satoshi 15000 ($ 0.02) for register : Xapo also 50 bits (XAPO points) and 50 bits more by tweeting and 50 bits per referral...


These faucet allow new lottery with varying durations, from every 5 minutes to several hours.
Value : 100 satoshi = 0.00000100 BTC

gain satoshi



A recommended site : ReferBitcoin, the first site with auto-ref system to earn quickly and easily.
With ReferBitcoin, you use a viewer of sites that knows when you can return to each site. Your referrer links are drawn randomly when other users use the viewer on ReferBitcoin.


Other Bitcoin faucet (not yet on ReferBitcoin) :


This one continues to accumulate satoshi even without being connected! Just claim from time to time.


A last one with a compensation plan coming soon...


A site where you have to check sites (10 to 30 seconds) to win MBTC (0,001 BTC) : CoinAd Payment from 0,15 mBTC (0,00015 BTC).


Invest 0,0001180 BTC and win 0,8 BTC



Get other virtual currencies?

After Bitcoin, many crypto-currencies have emerged, based on the same principle.
The best known are the Doge (or DOGECoin), the Litecoin.

A website allows you to enjoy several crypto-currencies wallets with a small credit already present and relate a little more every day (the rate progress daily): QuoinPro : Free Bitcoins every 24 hours
The crypto-currencies available are Bitcoin, Doge, Litecoin, FeatherCoin, FedoraCoin, InfiniteCoin, VirtaCOin, DigitalCoin, and EarthCoin WorldCoin. Some wallets are available immediately, while others are activated only after a few days.

Currencies for which there are also faucet sites :
- DOGE ou DOGEcoin :

- Litecoin :


A new currency has emerged recently: it is the Latium (LAT)
After sign-up, the site offers 5 LAT.
Simply install a small utility (let it run in the background), which manages the portfolio LAT and makes mining, which allows get small monthly gains in LAT.
After installing the utility, do not forget to transfer the 5 LAT from site to your personal portfolio (LAT address in tab "Receive coins").
Can also be converted in BTC through : 1 LAT = 5000 satoshis = 0.00005000 BTC but the cost of conversion / transfer are quite high.


Get Bitcoins, DOGE or Litecoin by mining

What the mining? the mining is the process of using hardware to calculate hashes. Simply, you rent a portion of the power of your computer (CPU and GPU). The power calculations are displayed in hash per second (h/s) or rather in Kh/s (kilohash), MH/s (megahash), GH/s (gigahash) ou TH/s (terahash).

Some sites after a free trial period (or longer) allow mining or rent space to mining on specialized servers. Expenses for rent power storage should be considered as investments because the return will be greater than the expense!


Cointellect :
Here, is mining Doge but gains appear directly in Euros. A small utility, light and discreet, must be installed on your computer to participate in mining. Free, using this utility, it does not earn much less than 1 euro per day. But you can get a paid contract saves more per day:  
- Demo 10 days : € 14.95, provides about 1.64 € per day for 10 days  
- Starter, 3 months : 99.95 euros, provides about 2.22 € per day for 90 days  
- Pilot, 6 months to 299.95 euros, provides approximately € 5.50 per day for 180 days ...
Other more expensive contracts exist, I chose the Starter contract.
Can withdraw winnings:  
- In Doge (no minimum)
 - Euro (from € 10).


Hash Profit :
Hash Profit
The site offers a capacity of 200 KH / s for free when registering: this power is available for 7 days.
This saves 0.00142 BTC per day, free for 7 days.
Can reinvest these earnings to buy power indefinitely.
You can even buy more power for more gains and even sponsor (gain 5% of purchases).
Regular promotions used to buy cheaper.
For my part, I currently have 171 KH / s (reinvestment purchases and referrals) who reported me 0.00117 BTC per day.
Can withdraw winnings from 0.005 BTC.


Coins-Miners :
Equivalent material are used to earn points depending on the power of the processor (CPU) and the graphics card (GPU).
The site offers a Celeron G1830 which saves 6 points per hour, for free.
These points earned (called coins) can be converted into credits for:
- withdraw BTC gains,
- Buy more powerful equipment.
It may also invest BTC for more power, more quickly.
Everything is virtual.
For my part, I invested for two GeForce GTX 750 Ti that can accumulate over 3800 coins per hour (in addition to 6 coins offer-processor).


Zeushash :
This site allows mining Bitcoins or Litecoins.
On registration, a power of 1.4 GH/s is offer (for 6 monthes).
You can also buy power GH/s for Bitcoin mining or MH/s for Litecoin mining.
It is advisable to pay a few Bitcoins or LiteCoins to begin.



You can follow or participate in the credibility of these sites
on NetBusinessRating : record in french
DOGE Checkin


Free Android application for DOGE mining : DOGE Maker

Maker Android


Bit-invest : get $30 free and win 5% dayly - The Best Paying Investment!


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