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NetBusinessRating became FoxyRating!

To continue the efforts we've initiated several months ago to boost our platform: NetBusinessRating has changed its name into FoxyRating.

Goodbye NBR! Welcome to Foxy!

Always more collaborative and participative, the platform upgrades (offering, from now on, a new top feature: the opportunity for all users to create participative rankingsbut doesn't lose its soul nor its identity.

Thus, the rankings that made our reputation remain the same and are highlighted by their frequent updates: allowing users to find referrals for their favorite sites remains our most popular activity.

We have chosen to give you full power over the contents of the platform: you can create rankings of websites, applications and now products!

Think what could be achieved and compared ??!!

Creating rankings and items, writing articles, ratings and comments: you are the actors of a platform where users can support and help one another by creating attractive and relevant rankings!

It's with a twinge of sorrow that we abandonned the domain to now become but this change makes sense:

  • we continue to create rankings and ratings,

  • but we're upgrading and are no longer only focused on the rating of profitable sites (NetBusiness) that was our first major activity.

Our ranking engine allows us to create rankings on any topics: so let's go ahead and become FoxyRating - foxy with a meaning of "a fox full of cunning" - a perfect match with our fox mascot!

We hope this brand new name will bring us successes, making FoxyRating a reference in the area of remunerative sites that were the main activity of late NetBusinessRating.

This platform is yours and we sincerely thank you for your participation and involvement, hoping that you appreciate this change :)

Have a wonderful day y'all!

NBR team

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11 mois

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im new nice patform
1 an

good luck

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Nice one. Congrats on the site upgrade, hope you continue to improve the platform.!
1 an

payment proof i received payment from picoclix thank Admin
1 an

I am new to this site and the truth is that it looks promising, I hope so and that this whole place will be of prosperity for all and all, for the winds are approaching success thanks

why can not I add a site? half an error?

1 an

Great Change..!
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welcome always, great jobs.

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Just came to know when I searched by the keyword "BusinessRating" and found foxyrating. When I opened it to see how many things are listed here, what I see is very similar to NBR...

Then I came to know NBR is now Foxy Rating.

Well, I believe there will be no different and it will continue the service.
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This is great. Loving much more the new and updated version.

FXR The best.
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good,and welcome

welcome always
1 an

welcome always

Always Welcome...
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good luck on new way
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En réponse à HANYCLIX219 :

Muchísimas gracias por tu apoyo! Que tengas un buen día!

Suerte y Éxitos! Si a Uds les va bien a nosotros nos irá mejor :)
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very nice article :)
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