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About us

Discover how NBR community was born and who its webmasters are.

The concept

NBR is a participative ranking of any website or application on the Web. We create all kinds of rankings (remunerative sites, web services, merchant sites etc) that are directly influenced by the experience and the opinions of users.

We also offer articles, analysis, tips and advice related to our rankings to provide as much relevant information as possible to our visitors.

Join us to improve the information given to users: register now !


Our history

Created by Internet users FOR Internet users.

After being scammed by "supposedly" remunerative sites, Lucas Ferrari and Laurent Terrier decided to set up netbusiness-team.com in 2007 to list serious remunerative sites and warn the scamming ones.

From the beginning, the use of rankings was found to be the perfect solution to clearly identify and show the trusted sites and the scams. Color status allows to identify at a glance if a site is reliable or not.

Then, Lucas continued the adventure alone, and decided to create a community in 2009 : thus, members could add sheets to rankings and update/influence the status by giving their feedbacks.

Later, in 2013, the site changed its name and became netbusinessrating.com, quickly recognized as a reference website relating to the scoring of remunerative sites. Then, the five-star rating complemented the status scoring.

NBR broadened its scope in 2017 to no longer be limited to the ranking of remunerative websites: many other categories of websites were added. Amélie has been hired in January 2018 to develop these new themes.

In 2019, the concept of participative site will be even more upgraded since members will be allowed to create rankings by themselves, a function previously limited to administrators only.


NBR, in numbers... 

  • created in 2007
  • a hundred rankings, up to now
  • over 22,000 sites compared
  • over 15 million pages views per year
  • a very active community with over 100,000 members


NBR webmasters

NBR's Founder
Programmer Analyst


Amélie GAYDON 
Content Manager, since January 2018


Mentions légales


NBR est actuellement édité par la société Empuria Network SARL domiciliée En Thomasse 71230 Pouilloux - France.
RCS : 538 616 400
Directeur de la publication : Mr FERRARI


SIRET : 42476141900045


Suite à demande auprès de la CNIL il n'a pas été nécessaire, au vu du type des données conservées, de faire une déclaration.

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