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NBR Terms of service

Every member shall respect these Terms of Use agreed while registration.


NBR is a participative ranking of any website or application on the Web.

We create all kinds of rankings (remunerative sites, web services, merchant sites etc) that are directly influenced by the experience and the opinions of users.

Concerning remunerative websites: NBR lists and assigns a status reflecting the trust we place in their reliability of payment.

As NBR is just a guide listing remunerative websites on Internet: we will not be held responsible for any financial loss on those sites.


Access and registration

NBR can be used by anyone. To participate and contribute, you will need to register, specifying an alias, a password and a email address.
Your country of residence as well as your interests may be requested for statistical purposes.

This registration enables you to:

- add information (a comment, create a review etc),

- view the content you've created from your dashboard,

- discuss with other users while preserving your own identity...


Rights and duties of the reader

Any reader is allowed to copy the contents of this site for private purposes or display short excerpts of a message for information or research purposes, quoting the name of this site. Any reproduction of more than a short excerpt is strictly prohibited and will expose the offender to lawsuits.


Rights and duties of the contributor

The comments posted on this site are published under your own responsibility. Thus, you must respect the laws and applicable legislations, as well as the law of persons.

For example, it is strictly prohibited to post violent, abusive, defamatory, racist, homophobic, apologetic war crimes, pedophile/pornographic, calling for murder or incitement to suicide, incitement to discrimination or hate speech (non-exhaustive list).


Be sure to respect the courtesy necessary for the smooth running of the discussions.



All new topics and replies will go live immediately on NBR forum.

Our moderators can review posts after they are made public to our community members and make the appropriate changes in case of non-compliance of this Terms of Use. 

However, moderators make sure that your comment:

- is about the original topic,

- is compliant with existing laws and regulations,

- enables a constructive debate.

He reserves the right to delete or reject the publishing of:

- redundant messages

- advertising or promotional messages,

- messages contrary to public convention or morality,

- violent, racist, homophobic, insulting messages, contrary to copyright or databases or fundamental rights and privacy...

Any message posted remains the responsibility of its author

If you read abusive comments, please report it to us/contact us so we can solve the problem ASAP.

At any time, readers can ask for verification of any comment posted on NBR, by contacting us at the following address: amelie [at] netbusinessrating.com (please change " [at] " by @)


Conflicts of interest

It is categorically and absolutely prohibited for a member to possess a review from a competitor to prevent him participating in an auction. 

In case of non-compliance, the tokens invested to control the review are wasted and the ownership immediately discontinued.


Deletion of messages

We reserve the right to delete any of the following kinds of messages without any prior warning:

  • inapropriate polemic, propaganda, act of solicitation, settling of accounts,
  • racist, hateful, defamatory, abusive message, using offensive or disrespectful words,
  • pornographic, violent, abusive or paedophilic content,
  • spamming, flooding or advertising with or without hyperlink to a commercial site without our approval,
  • referral links will be removed.

Neither are referral links allowed in comments.

Messages unrelated to the subject matter or personnal message will be deleted or forwarded.

FYI: you are allowed to edit or delete your own messages at any moment.

If you need help, you can ask us for editing or deleting, specifying the following elements: the text and the publishing date of the message, the URL and your alias. 



Every user must adhere to the following rules for every vote, otherwise it will be deleted:

  • people must vote freely and without constraints,
  • One IP address only is allowed per voter,
  • incentives votes are allowed.


Protection of personal data

All your personal data will remain confidential and will never be used for spamming, will never be sold, traded or donated to a third party.

Article 27 of the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978 entitles you to access, rectify, modify and erase the data concerning you.

You can exercise this right by sending us an email.

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