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Autosurf, Worth Or Not?

What is autosurf? Advantages & disadvantages of Autosurf to get traffic to your site.

So, Today I am going to talk about Autosurf Or Fake Traffic. So let's start.

First off, Let me tell you that there are TWO types of Traffic sources


  • Legal (Genuine Traffic)
  • Fake ( Autosurf or Illegal Traffic)


  • Legal Traffic Is what comes from search engines and any social network site that provides legit traffic or traffic exchanges


  • Fake traffic is what comes from illegal sources such as paid traffic or autosurf websites such as hitleap, otohits etc.




Autosurfs are traffic exchanges that automatically provide hits to your websites by keeping a software or website on. They are capable of bringing large amount of traffic to your website. There are a lot of sites which help you in autosurfing.



Autosurf can be useful to build up your site rank and increase your site views. AUtosurf can increase your search rank and also build your Alexa rank. Moreover, it may build up your site reputation by providing hits to  it.



Autosurf is fake and automated traffic so you can’t expect genuine persons to view your site. Autosurf. It is not a manual traffic exchange but is automated so you won’t get any results from that type of surf. Moreover, this type of traffic when used with Adsense may ban your Adsense account permanently and you can’t use it with any other ad network as well. It is completely Bogus Traffic. Traffic exchange may lead to higher bounce rates which may negatively affect ranking of website. 



  • Helps In improving site reputation.
  • Free Website traffic.
  • May help in building site traffic.
  • Helps in increasing page views.
  • Improves Alexa Rank.


  • Not good With Adsense. Using autosurf with Adsense may permanently ban Adsense account.
  • Fake traffic
  • Any Ad Network May ban your site.
  • Bogus Traffic without any results
  • Leads in higher bounce rates affecting website ranking negatively


List of Autosurf websites you can check out



  • Get 0.7 Hits per site seen
  • Fully automated traffic exchange
  • Application software

You can check review of this site on NBR here:- https://netbusinessrating.com/en/review-8533-hitleap



  • Get 0.5 Hits per site seen
  • Automated traffic echange
  • Autosurf online

You can check review of this site on NBR here:-https://netbusinessrating.com/en/review-11538-247autohits


Klixion Autosurf

  • 0.5 Hits per site seen
  • 5000 Bonus credits on signup
  • Online as well as software

You can check review of this site on NBR here:-https://netbusinessrating.com/en/review-22460-klixion-autosurf



Autosurf can be advantageous to your website if you use it carefully. It can improve your page rank and also bring genuine hits to your websites and build up your Alexa rank. However, We suggest you to not use it with Adsense or any other ad networks or else you may get banned from that ad network.

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