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published on 11/30/2017 at 6:17 PM

Buying art online is exploding and democratizing!

Are you convinced that art is only for few elite of exceptionally gifted people with a pocketful of cash?
No more prejudices! Becoming owner of a work of art is now available to all !!

Buying works of art online: a promising market?

As per a survey carried out by Hiscox (an insurance company specialized in works of art)

« The sales of works of art online represented $3,27 billion in 2015, i.e an increase of 24% compared to 2014 "

Buying works of art is therefore in booming and, visibly, the trend for the next years is not expected to decline as the sales may reach $9,58 billion by 2020, referring to this survey.


So, you won’t be the first one, nor will you be the last one, to be interested in this new trend!


Internet: a key tool

Websites specialized in works of art business have clearly understood: Internet is a great tool to make art accessible to all and allow the artists to promote and reach an international reputation.

Internet breaks art lovers’ codes and customs providing a huge number of works from the whole world, available in one clic from their couch.

No more moving to galleries !

This will avoid a headache by listening to crazy speeches from some people in front of an abstract painting!



Painting by Sylvain Routier, available on Artmajeur for 65€


Some valuable advices for a worry-free buying

Buying a work of art online may frighten some buyers because they can’t see the work « for real », as it would be the case by visiting a gallery.

To avoid this issue, a lot of sites offer HD pictures, with a faithful rendition (and zoomable!), as well as a full description (information about the artist, the work etc)

Some sites even offer an assistance while surfing, a staging of the work to help the buyer to project himself, or even a 1month-trial period after which the buyer can, if he wants, return the work back, for free.


Photography by Matthias Haker called Manhattan Lights, available on YellowKorner, from 84€


Let’s talk about authenticity.

Even if it is not compulsory, most of sites provide a certificate of authenticity while shipping the works, guaranteeing their reliability and their seriousness.

This document shows:

  • the signature of the artist, 
  • the date of creation,
  • the number of copies in case of limited edition etc.

It is like the ID card of the work.


What about the shipping?

No matter what price is: a work of art remains a work of art!

The last thing we want to receive is a work with holes or tears because of a careless delivery!

That’s why most sites offer specialized carriers (with insurance) to avoid any problem!


And the customs duties in all of this?

Yes, Internet has no borders…But if you buy a work from a Japanese gallery: you may have to pay customs duty as well as VAT.

So please double check with the Customs of your country to avoid any problem!

However, these import duties don’t apply if you live in the EU (+ Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein) and if the work is from this area too.


Sculpture by Carole Pavio called Rainbow heart, available on Artsper for 180€


And if the work doesn’t suit me?

Please contact the seller to know what are the solutions in case of withdrawal, according to your country.



Creation by Nicolas Blind, called Mel, available on EyeFoodFactory, from 75€


A last friendly advice: art is above all a feeling question, so let yourself be transported by your emotions and everything is going to be alright!

Our ranking will allow you to discover the best international websites specialized in works of art: your future crush is certainly among this selection!

You are now ready! You know everything to start this new expérience and buy, you too, your « Salvator Mundi » !!!

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