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published on 11/08/2016 at 10:50 AM

CS:GO skins gambling makes Valve in trouble

Washington Gouvernement ask Valve to stop Counter Strike skins gambling. Valve said that they don't promote it.

On a lot of sites, as CS:Go Lounge it's possible to gamble on winner of online match in order to win skins for the video game Counter Strike : Global Offensive, motsly known as CS:GO.

As this industry is growing (more than 1 billion dollars on CS:GO Lounge for example), Washington Gouvernement with its Washington State Gambling Comission told to stop facilitating gambling. 

Actually Valve answered and we are waiting the decision of the comission.


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A very stupid decision of the commission. It seems to me that we want to be limited in everything.
6 years

All site adding exchanger skin to credits, and its not gambling for skin, its for money. :)
Nice players!
6 years

Very good
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