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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ to understand our website before contacting us



What is NetBusinessRating? 

A participative website

A good way to find Referrals

A good way to promote a website or an application

The tokens: NBR currency

How to handle a member account?


What is NetBusinessRating?


Our use

NetBusinessRating community, also called NBR, compares 3 types of websites:

  • websites allowing earning money on Internet
  • web services
  • Commercial websites

We help web users in finding the best websites thanks to users advices.

NBR provides a knowledge base, via articles or tutorials, for each topic.


How do we work?

NBR is a participatory rabking.

It means that the community members (the web users registered on NBR) are the mains actors of our website.

Together, we add : 

  • categories (also called lists, rankings) to compare only websites of the same category
  • websites that we classify in their own category
  • informative articles: tutorials, news…

A score from 1 to 5 stars is given to every website.

These stars show the average advices given by the web users. 

A status showing the reliability of each website enabling earning money is assigned.

Here is the drawing:


To learn more about our 5 stars rating and the status assigned to every website, please read How are ranked the websites into the rankings?


What is a « ranking »?

It is a rank of one category of websites.

It can also be called « list » or « category ».

All NBR categories are HERE.


What is a « sheet »?

It is the ID card/the presentation of a website or an application, showing also our members’ advices.


What is an « article »?

It is an informative text written by a member. It is compulsory for an article to be about a subject previously dealt in our rankings.

An article can be linked directly to a sheet or a category.

If the article is linked to a sheet, its link is shown under its description. Otherwise, it is shown in the list of the articles about the same topic (or a similar one).


What is a « status »?

It is a score granted by NBR to a sheet/a website. 

If a new sheet is added on NBR, its status become automatically « new ». Then, following the members’ advices, this status can be changed to:

  • « promising », then to « serious »
  • « doubtful »
  • « scam »
  • « closed » if the website stops its activity.

This score reflects the trust we have in the payment capacity of a website.

You can learn more about the evolution of the status criteria HERE.


How are ranked the websites in our rankings?

It depends on the existence (or not) of a payment reliability status:

  • no existing status: the websites are ranked thanks to a score granted by our members.
  • existing status: the websites are ranked by status, then thanks to a score granted by our members.

This score is an average between each last members’ advice.

Several criteria are taken into account so the rank can be the most accurate possible.

These informations can be filtered easily.


Are the advices about a sheet free?

Yes they are! The members can write a free comment (positive or negative) but their advices have to be argued and they have to be respectful/polite. Otherwise, they will be banned from NBR.


How to contact us?

Easy! You just need to send us an email to: contact [@] netbusinessrating.com (please delete de « [ ] » and the spaces)

We will answer you ASAP.



A participative website


Why is it interesting in making a contribution to NBR?

NBR is a participative website which can be developed thanks to its members.

Thanks to our community, a lot of improvements have already been made.

Concerning the comparison of websites, 4 types of contribution are suggested to our members:

  • to give an advice about a website (or to comment an advice)
  • to suggest a new list/category
  • to add or modify a sheet/a website
  • to write an article on an existing topic on NBR

This contribution allows NBR to offer a larger and a more qualitative information to the web users.

The comments enable the moderators to modify the status of the sheets so the web users can make a choice easier.


Why is it interesting in being registered on NBR?

As member of NBR, you are allowed to:

  • set a warning email about a sheet in case of change in status.
  • set a warning email of a sheet while an advice is added.

In addition to sharing your experience with us, being a member of NBR enables you to:

  • find referrals for developing your web business, by spreading your referral link
  • to promote your website by showing an ad via our integrated advertising system

For example, you can add your referral link to a sheet, or spread your « toplink ». Please read the following chapters to understand.


How can you make a contribution to NBR?

You just have to become a member of NBR community.

It is free!

Then, you can:

  • add your advice about a sheet, or modify it
  • add a new sheet, a new list or a new article. You will find below how to process.


How to add a sheet?

Once logged on NBR, click on the user icon on the top of the page and click on « contribute ».

Then, click on « add a website », read and agree the rules.

The adding has two steps:

  • write the URL of the website, the name of the sheet and the category
  • write the description (create it yourself! Any duplicate content (copy/paste) will be rejected and deleted automatically) 

Once these two steps are successfully completed, an email is sent to you as soon as a moderator has verified the quality of your sheet.

This email is to inform about the decision and the reasons to validate the sheet or not. 

Please note that any duplicate entry is forbidden (a sheet can be added once only and makes part of one list only).

We validate only new sheets (i.e. new website/new application). For more information, please read our rules for adding a sheet.

If your sheet cannot fit any existing category, please create a new one.


How to find new sheets to be created?

If we think about new websites to be added, a link will be shown with the quantity of new sheets to be created on your member space.

You can read the process on contribute  > add a website


How to modify a sheet?

In order to modify a sheet, you just need to be logged and to go to the requested page.

Click on « option » (on the right side of the presentation block), then on « modify ».

Please select the part of the sheet to be modified. FYI: both parts can be modified, if needed.

Moreover, please be aware that some restrictions can exist depending on the type of your badge (bronze, silver, gold)

If you’re facing any restriction: you will be notified.

Please note that a sheet is not owned by anyone, even if the link of referral link is taken by a member of the community.

The quality of the content must always remains more important than the personal interest. That’s the reason why the description and the informations added to a sheet must be the more updated possible.

Thus, it will be much appreciated to modify/update any content requiring it. Any member can suggest a modification.

However, a modification will be agreed only if the content is relevant/qualitative, updated and without any duplicate (copy/paste forbidden)

Please keep in mind that a moderator will check/work on each one of your modifications, that’s why you are asked to modify only relevant ones (for example, a number of members is not a relevant information to be modified because it will always be an obsolete information)

An email will be sent to notify you of the acceptance or not of your modification.

Please help us to keep our website updated: it will be much appreciated and every modification accepted will save you tokens (= NBR currency)


How can you suggest a list?

Kind reminder: a list = a category

You would like us to present a category unlisted yet: please suggest this new category!

A comparison must compare similar websites or applications.

Your suggestion must be relevant to be accepted.

To that end, you must be logged. Please click on « contribute » > suggest a list.

Then, please specify:

  • the title of the new category (for example: sports bet websites)
  • a short description showing the interest of this new list
  • the criteria of comparison. What could we compare other than the web users’ advices? (for example, the type of tariff, the number of members…)
  • any ideas regarding sub-categories (here is an example of a sub-category relating to sports bet: horses bet)
  • the parent-category: where will the list be ranked?
  • a list from 5 to 10 websites or applications URL which could be compared

If your list is relevant:

  • it will be accepted by NBR
  • a comparison will be created, based on your suggestion
  • suggested URLs will be linked to potential sheets to be created, if they have been accepted by NBR. 

FYI: you must have, at least, a bronze badge to be allowed to add a list.


How can you add an article?

You must be logged. Please click on contribute > write an article

Then, you will need to follow our provided drafting guidelines.

FYI: you must have, at least, a silver badge to be allowed to create an article.

In case you need to write a (very) long article, you have the possibility to create a tutorial of several pages.

If you do so, please send an email NBR.



A good way to find Referrals


What is a referral link?

A referral link enable to sponsor a Referral on a website.

The Referral link allows to be rewarded by a bonus: like money, presents, discounts…


What is a Toplink?

A Toplink contains up to 5 favorite links or banners of a member.

It can be created by any member of the community.

It is visible from his/her cover page.

Its goal is to be spread on the Internet so you can find referrals and/or increase the visibility of your website/blog.

To create your own Toplink, please be logged and click on « Tools »


How to integrate your referral link to a sheet?

Please click on a sheet, then on « option » (top of the page), and finally on « my referral link on this sheet », in « find referrals » part.

You can chose the number of days you want to show your referral link on this sheet.

Please enter your referral link and validate.

If you own enough tokens, you will be allowed to do it immediately. Otherwise, you will need to obtain more tokens by participating in the life our website or by buying tokens to NBR directly.

Thus, every time a web user will view this sheet and will click on « visit » to learn more the website discussed in the sheet: it will be thanks to your referral link.

If the web user decides to register, so he will become your referral.

You are given 2 options: to extend the display time (up to 30 days, renewable) of your referral link, or to stop (the unused tokens will be returned to you).

You can make this modification from your member space.


If the referral link has already been taken, you can reserve it: 

  1. Click on « reserve the referral link » in « Action » button of the sheet

  2. the reservation process shows up, indicating the cost of the reservation and the next date available.

  3. If you are the only member to reserve the link, you can pay the reservation so that no one else can be allowed to reserve this link or extend the reservation.

  4. if several members want to reserve the same link, an auction will be created. The best bidder wins the auction. Every loser will be refunded and every participant will be notified of the result by email. 

FYI:  every member can participate to the auction, even the current owner of the link.

Please note that your link will be shown in different cases/situations :

  • every time the sheet will be visited
  • via any search engine,
  • via any ranking,
  • via the members’ toplinks,
  • via the NBR search engine…

However, your link will not be shown on our money inserts/advertising.

This enables not to depend only on selling tokens and, to that end, to allow favorable prices for all members.

Of course, the rental rate is based only on the number of clicks on outgoing referral links.


Where is shown my referral link on a sheet?

Your link is shown on the 3 « visit » links of a sheet:

  1. The first one is a button under the name of the sheet
  2. The other two are under the description: a text link and a button.

The 3 blue links of a sheet means a forwarding to your referral link:

lien sortant sur page fiche NetBusinessRating


How to modify your referral links?

You will find all informations on the page called My active referral links.

You can click on the « pencil » icon to modify the link.


How to remove a referral link and being refunded?

Please click on My active referral links and then on « extend »: at the bottom of the page, click on « refund » if the button is active. If it is not: the reason will show up.


What is a referral link code?

A referral link code is a code a new web user of a site must enter to identify his/her sponsor.

When a website allows only this kind of referral link, NBR shows a code (previously added by a member) under the description of the website.

The most part of applications uses this kind of referral link.


How to add/modify a referral link code?

First of all, you need to copy the link of the sheet of the website/the application, and then paste it in the « referral link » field.

In « My active referral links », please click on « Modify » button of the requested sheet. If there is a referral link code: you can edit it.

If there is not whereas it should be: please contact the administrator.



A good way to promote a website or an application


What is an ad?

It is a sheet shown in specific areas (on the top of a comparison, and before the advices) because an NBR member has paid for it thanks tokens (NBR currency). Please read more about tokens HERE.

Bosting the sheets this way enables the best visibilty possible on NBR because they are the viewest information.

An ad enables to get a lots a leads or referrals. You don't need to own the link of the sheet to be able to show an ad.

3 ads at the maximum can be shown per ad block.


Where are the ads shown?

The ads are shown on 2 types of our most viewed pages: the rankings and the sheets.

In a ranking, the ads are shown before the results:


They have a light blue background and are called « ad » or « boosted sheet ».

One click on an ad of a comparison has no incidence on your budget because it is not an outgoing click.

The user is redirected to the sheet of the URL of the ad 

Only one click on the « visit » button of the sheet will be an outgoing click and will be deducted from your ad budget.

On a sheet, the ads are shown before the web users’ advices:

One click on an ad shown in a sheet go straight to the URL of the ad. So this outgoing click will be deducted from your budget ad.


How to create a new ad?

There are 2 options: 

  • From your member space: please click on « My Business » > My ads > New ad

A search field will enable you to select a sheet of a website relating to the ad.

  • or Directly from the sheet, via « Option » menu > « boost the sheet » > « New ad »

Then, please fill in the suggested form:

  • by specifying the outgoing link: please do enter the direct link to the website. Please read « settings of the outgoing link of an ad »
  • by selecting the geo-tracking of the visitors for which you would like to activate the ad (country of the web user and language of the pages)
  • by choosing the category/categories on which you would like to activate the ad. Warning: the furthest relation between your ad and the category is, the fewer your ad will be viewed.
  • by defining the quantity of tokens (NBR currency) you want to spend on the ad, as well as the max CPC (maximum cost per click)

Every unique click on an ad will impact your budget. 

The highest cost of this click matches to your maximum CPC.

You can make any change whenever you choose (delete the ad, bring back the invested tokens, change the max CPC…)


Are you allowed to create several ads?

Sure! You can also create several ads for one single website. It will enable you to setup each one of your ads further to the webusers’ origin (among other things).

You can also chose to create 2 different ads in order to target the same kind of visitors but in modifying the categories so you can change your max CPC.

However, please note that your ad will have less chances to be viewed if it appears on pages of categories far from your ad, unless if you allocate a high max CPC because its relevant score will be low.


How is a real CPC of an ad calculated?

The real CPC deducted from your ad budget is equal to the previous ad score.

Thus, the real CPC of the number one ad will equal the CPC of the second one.


How are selected the next published ads?

Thanks to bidding (very similar to Google Adwords). The highest your max CPC is, the more likely your ad will be shown.

However, the max CPC is not the only selection criterion.

The main criterion is the good coherence/consistency between the ad and the visited page.

To be priority, the ad has to be from the same category as the visited page.

Further to the visited page, the selection criterions of the ads can be different:

  • ranking pages: only the ads of the sheets making part of the same comparison can compete. The max CPC is the only criterion.
  • sheet pages: all the ads can compete.

In case of duplication (several ads about the same sheet), the ad with the highest max CPC can participate to the bidding.


How to measure the impact of an ad?

Daily statistical reports are available in real time for any ad:

  • the number of printing
  • the number of single outgoing clicks
  • average CPC
  • spent budget

They can shown the number of outgoing clicks as well as printings, sorted by countries, on the last 30 days, thanks to an interactive map.

If your ad has low printings, it could be the result of being too strict (but it can be relevant too) or because of a too low CPC. In this  case, the ad is not competitors enough.


How to edit the look of an ad?

Actually, you are not allowed to. It enables NBR to keep homogeneity regarding its graphic charter.

It also allows to increase the click rate on the ads.


Are the ads adapted to any screen?

Yes, they are.


Setting of the outgoing link from the ad

An ad enables to set up an outgoing link such as an URL.

It can be about:

  • a link to your website
  • A referral link if you want to find Referrals on a website allowing the referral link
  • A membership link

An ad does not allow you to find Referrals thanks to a referral link code because it does not appear on the sheet.



The tokens: NBR currency


What is a token?

The tokens are NBR virtual currency.

You can use it:

FYI: 1 token = 0,01€ (at least). You can base on this tariff to create your budgets.


How to obtain tokens?

You can either:

  • buy them via your space member


  • get them for free by adding/modifying the sheets (from 0 up to 50 tokens), or publishing articles (from 100 up to 1000 tokens). Kind reminder: you need to have a silver or a gold badge to be allowed to publish.

FYI: in the near future, you will have the opportunity to get token for free by suggesting lists.



How to handle a member account?


What is the use of your dashboard?

Your dashboard is a sum up of your activity, showing your avatar, alias, badge and localization.

The links on the top of your dashboard enable to access to the options of « My Profile » button.

In the middle of the page, you will find a sum up of what you are allowed to do as NBR member.


How to handle my preferences regarding the receipt of my emails?

Please go to your member space: « My profile » > emails preferences


What about the sale of email addresses to promotional operations?

Your email address is used by NBR only so you can be identified and so you can receive our notifications (if you have decided to be notified!)

Your email address will never be given or sold to a third party.

You will never be spammed because of us!

Your preferences can be handled via your profile: « emails preferences »


You are registered but you don’t receive any emails

Please check your spam box. Otherwise, please check any typo in your email address.

Please wait a few minutes: sending an email may take a longer time than expected.


How to modify your profile?

Please click on « My account » button, in your space member.

Then, please click on « My profile » > Modify my account

You can modify all your informations, as your avatar for example.


How to delete your web user account?

Please click on « My account », then on « My profile » > Modify my account.

Finally, at the bottom of the page, please click on « Delete » button.


What is a badge?

A badge helps to identify the level/the experience of a NBR member.

The new members have automatically a blue badge.

Then, following your level involvement in our website, a bronze, a silver or a gold badge will be granted to you.

  • a bronze badge enables you to suggest lists
  • a silver badge enables you to write articles
  • a gold badge has a honor value. Only a very few gold badges have already been granted to our members.


Would like you to become a moderator on NBR?

We are always looking for new moderators motivated by the fact of making gainful websites safer.

If you have experience in one or several topics developed on NBR, please email us explaining your motivations by becoming a moderator.

Warning: it is compulsory to be fluent in French and/or in English, as our website can be viewed in the whole world.

You must be a member to be able to post here.
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