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published on 03/27/2017 at 10:24 AM

Promote a website : Road to success

Each business, website or blog needs promotion but it requires some knowledge of common rules and practices.

Each social website or network is developed through the activity of its contributors. Your feedback affect to change the status of files and so users can make their choice knowingly.The more you contribute to your community, the more you will be popular and popular persons can easily promote their ideas.
This is the key to successful promotion - popularity attracts popularity. And this rule applies to all social media networks.

I have heard many people who disagree with this statement, but that's because they did not comply with 'golden rule'. Avoid their mistakes and do not include a bunch of links; Do not say you're selling something. If you act like you're trying to sell something, people will not be interested. Nevertheless, if anybody is interested in your product, they will ask you where to buy it. At that point, you will have gained a new customer!

But what about the good old school - FORUMS? Is it still possible to make a successful promotion or this method became a part of history?

Each business, website or blog needs promotion and Forum can be fast, easy and free - in one word, very powerfull tool but it requires some knowledge of common rules and practices.

Which forum to choose?

The most important thing is to choose a forum that is in your niche. You can not sell fruits and vegetables in webmasters forum!?
First you make sure the forum is "alive", check the rankings and feedback is positive.
Choose a forum where you "feel comfortable", where you want to participate and that allows links and signatures.

Do it smart

Members that often participate are part of a real community. However, nobody like being bothered by spam and/or advertisements. Therefore, you will need to be discrete with your purpose in the beginning if you don’t want to be ignored. Introduce yourself,Answer the questions, make a few post per day...
Be patient, because forum promotin is a long process, but the positive impact it will have on your business in the long run will be worth the time and wait.

Finally, every forum enables you to create a profile. Edit all data and the most important - your signature, a great medium of promotion because only people who are interested will follow your link.

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