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published on 10/27/2015 at 12:56 PM

Where to design your company logo online

Starting up your own company isn't always easy. Aside from finding a good business name; you have to get a logo designed. Designing a logo can be quite tricky, it takes graphical skills and original ideas.

Today there are two different ways of designing a logo. You can either contact a professional (web agency or graphics designer) or you can design your logo on your own online!

Designing a logo with a professional can be long and tedious work. Most agencies will ask you to supply them with a logo briefing which will have to include precise information on the design you are looking for. Failing to provide significant information can result in an incoherent logo design.

If you are unsure of what you want, you may want to try the online option. Most online design sites let you browse through thousands of inspiring logo templates. Once you find the kind of what you are looking for, you simply add your finish touch and download your logo. It's as easy as that! A good address if you are looking for a quality online logo design site is Logogenie.net. This site offers a user friendly service. The tools are simple and guide you through the design process step by step. Simply enter your company name and slogan, choose one of the many logo templates available on the site and add your own details with the online tools. The outcome is quite surprising and only take 4-5 minutes to accomplish. You can make as many logo versions as you like and everything is accessible at any time on your user account. Sites like this are driving the market and offer genuine online services. More and more entrepreneurs are choosing this solution for it's simplicity, flexibility and efficiency.


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Another interesting fact about this is you can download your graphic files from your account directly upon purchase. The downfall with designing a logo with a web agency is that it can take weeks to be delivered (especially if they are running on a tight schedule)... Designing your logo online is hassle free and straight forward; if you find what you are looking for, you simply pay for your logo (most sites have a money back guarantee policy) and if you don't find anything interesting, you don't lose any money as there are no upfront payments.

Most online logo design sites offer a variety of side services like corporate printed products (Business cards, letter heads, business stamps...) and handy options like the social network option (available on logogenie) which allows you to download profile banners with your logo fit-to-size for your facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest profiles.

When you are getting started on your company it is essential that you start on the right foot. Choosing the right people to work on your logo is important. Whether you choose to create your logo alone or with a professional. Make sure that you analyze the market first and see what other people are doing. Now it's time for you to get creative and design a great company logo!

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4 years

Well, the logo is the main part of your business because it is very important to have a catchy logo which resembles the representation of that business. This is very much essential for a successful business. You share some good information but here I get help to create our company logo through this Logonado and I get a great result. | Edit. : 10/05/2019 12:43:40 | Edit. : 10/05/2019 12:44:56
6 years

Ouch, this 2017' and design...
Where design logo? In photoshop or gimp! :)
BTW Nice, not all have time or skill, and better for we use generator
6 years

This is very nice it helped my cuz alot, I salot you guys
6 years

Nice article.. I really need a logo for my blog. This article helped me a lot.. +1 for this article..
7 years

Designing logo is time taking like me if you just do it with paint brush and MS word, you really need professional logo creator software to make it by yourself. I like online tools because you can start it in few steps.
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