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What is NetBusinessRating ?

NetBusinessrating (NBR) is a participative site that compares other websites and ranks them thanks to its community members' opinion.
Thus, it becomes dead-simple to identify the best sites for anything you need to find on Internet.

NBR offers lots of rankings with specific different themes. is available in 2 languages: French and English.

Registration as a member is free.

Check out our About us page to know the motivations that gave birth to our website.

What is a ranking?

It's a list comparing websites with a common theme, thanks to criteria of comparison.

What is a review?

It's a page presenting a website, as well as its users' opinion. A review is a mandatory part of a ranking.

What is an opinion?

It's a comment given by a member about a review. It may be complemented by a star rating/grade from 1 to 5 stars.

Am I allowed to freely express my opinion?

However, if you're free to leave a positive or negative comment, you must follow our rules of good behaviour described in our charter. It is recommended to write reasoned opinion.

How does the ranking system work?

The main criteria taken into account are the opinion and the star rating/grade (from 1 to 5 stars) given by the users for every site.

Regarding remunerative sites: in addition to opinions, a status is assigned according to proofs of payment provided by users.
There are 6 and start from « new » to « scam ». To learn more about status, please click here.

Below every ranking, you can find the selected criteria that define its display order.

Ads (materialized by a small rocket) also can be shown at the top of a ranking.

What is a status?

There are 6 status reflecting the trust we place in the reliability of payment of a remunerative site.

While creating a review, the default status is "new" and will be turned into "promising" or "legit" in case of majority positive opinions and proofs of payment.
Otherwise, the status will be turned into "doubtful", "ilegal/scam" or "closed".
The "new" status may also means that the review has no opinion or that the opinions are mixed.

Here is their display:

FYI: The status of a site is subject to the opinion of the administrators and moderators of NBR.
A site operating according to an ilegal model (such as ponzi for example) is directly classified as a scam, whether he pays or not.
A site that reopens after being closed resumes its status before closing.
A site must have paid at least 1000 € to its members to obtain the "legit" status (according to proofs of payment posted on NBR or the site itself).

What is an article?

This is an informative text written by a member and linked to one of our rankings.

What is a token ?

This is the virtual currency of NBR.

Owning tokens allows you to integrate you referral links on reviews and create ads to boost the visibility of a review.

One token equals (to its lowest point) to 0,01€. Keep that in mind when you determine the budget of an ad.

The tokens cannot be exchanged for real money. They can be used on NBR only.

What is a referral?

A referral is a person who registered on a site or an application:

  • through a referral link

  • or

  • entering a referral code/sponsorship code.

Having referrals allows to get benefits such as commissions on purchases, vouchers/coupons or discounts for example.

What is a referral link?

This is a link to a site that allows sponsorship. This link contains the sponsor's ID.

As soon as someone register on a site through this link, he becomes his referral.

Having referrals allows to get benefits such as commissions on purchases, vouchers/coupons or discounts for example.

What is a referral code/sponsorship code?

This is like the referral link but as a code form. It is widely used in the field of profitable mobile applications in particular.
It allows new users of an app or a site to identify their sponsor.
This code appears very prominently in the description of a review on NBR.

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