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How to modify a ranking

How do I modify a ranking?

NBR is a participative and a collaborative website. It means that any member is allowed to modify and improve any existing ranking.

Whether a modification of criteria or a submission for translation: you're free to do what you want!

To that end, please follow the steps below:

  • Go on the ranking and click on the « Admin » button:

  • A new window shows up in which 3 tabs can be modified:

  • Description tab

    This tab allows you to change:
    • the title of the ranking.
      This field cannot be left blank. If you don't need to change it: just leave it as is.
    • the description of the ranking.
    Once the changes have been made, you can "Suggest an update".

    Criteria tab

    This tab allows you to:

    Translation tab

    As NBR is available in French and in English, this tab allows you to suggest a translation in these 2 languages.
    If this tab is not available in the window: this just means that both translations have already been made.

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