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How to manage my ads

This is a paid insert reserved for users wishing to boost the visibility of their review(s).
It is materialized by a small rocket and is positioned strategically at the top of a ranking and on each one of its review.
Thus, its visibility is maximized and allows, for example, to get more referrals.

Each ranking contains 3 ads maximum.

Where do they appear?

They appear in the most strategic and visible locations of our most viewed pages, i.e.: at the top of a ranking and on each one of its review and are materialized by a small rocket.

Here is a screenshot of one of our ranking:

FYI: one clic on your ad from a ranking won't have an impact on your budget as it's not an outbound click (please see its meaning on the sixiest tab of this page).

Here is a screenshot of one of our ranking:

FYI: one clic on your ad from a review will have an impact on your budget as it's an outbound click.

How do I create an Ad?

This action requires tokens. If you don't have enough, click here to find out how to obtain more.

Two options are available.

The first option: from your member account.

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click on the « My Business » button, then on « My Ads » :

  3. Click on the « + New ad » button:

  4. Follow the onscreen instructions.

The second option: directly from the review
  1. Log in to your account
  2. Go on the review and click on the « Options » button, « Create an ad » :

  3. Follow the onscreen instructions.

FYI: all the information regarding your ads can be modified at any time, from your member account.

How do I modify an Ad?

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click on the « My Business » button, then on « My Ads »
  3. Click then on the « Action » button of the appropriate Ad and click on « Modify » :

  4. Follow the onscreen instructions and click on « Send » so that this modification is taken into account.

How do I define the max CPC and the budget of an Ad?

  1. You will need to determine the maximum outbound CPC you can afford to pay (CPC : cost per click).
    The higher max CPC, the greater the chance to be displayed in first position your ad.

  2. You will need to determine the budget you want to allocate to this "campaign".
Please keep in mind that every unique outbound click will have an impact on your budget, i.e. every time a user will click on one of the « VISIT » buttons of the review or on your Ad, from another review.
The highest cost of this click will match to your maximum CPC.

FYI: it is very important to target the right rankings you want your Ads to appear on.
If you do want to publish your Ad on a ranking far from its original theme, its « relevance score » will be low and your Ad won't have a lot of chance to appear on this ranking.
As a solution, you will need to define a higher Max CPC.

What is an outbound click?

It's a click that redirects the visitors to an external site.

What is a impression?

This is the fact that an Ad is shown on a search result page on the Google Network.

Am I allowed to create several Ads?


You're allowed to:

  • create several Ads for one single review. It will enable you to setup each one of your ads further to the webusers’ origin (among other things).

  • create 2 different Ads in order to target the same kind of visitors BUT by targeting not the same rankings. You will need to modify your Max CPC accordingly.

How are the displayed ads selected?

Several criteria are taken into account:

  1. the Ad has to be closely linked to the page viewed,

  2. an auction system

They are selected via an auction system similar to Google Adwords.
The highest your max CPC is, the more likely your ad will be displayed.

The score of an ad is calculated according to these 2 criteria: the max CPC and the link between the Ad and the page viewed.

However, these criteria may vary depending on the pages:
  1. Ads displayed on rankings : only the Ads linked to the reviews that are part of the same ranking can compete.
  2. In this specific case: the Max CPC is the only selection criterion.

  3. Ads displayed on the reviews: all of them compete.
    When several Ads compete for the same review, only the Ad having the highest CPC can win the auction.

How is a real CPC of an Ad calculated?

The real CPC deducted from your Ad budget for every outbound click equals the previous Ad score.
Thus, the real CPC of the first Ad equals the CPC of the second one.

How to measure the impact of an Ad?

Daily statistical reports are available in real time for any Ad, showing:

  1. the number of impressions
  2. (please see its meaning on the seventh tab of this page).
  3. the number of unique outbound clicks

  4. the average CPC

  5. budget spent
These reports can also show the number of outbound clicks as well as impressions, sorted by country, on the last 30 days, thanks to an interactive map.

FYI: If your Ad has low impressions, it may be the consequence of a poor targeting or because of a too low CPC. This would mean your Ad is not competitive enough.

Are the ads Responsive Design?

Yes, they render well on all screen sizes.

Am I allowed to edit the display of the Ads?

No, you're not allowed to because we want to keep homogeneity regarding our graphic charter.
Their location and display are the result of extensive testing and analysis that ensures the best possible click rate.

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