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Hungry For Hits

Hungry For Hits

favicon Hungry For Hits hungryforhits.com
Hungry For Hits is an active traffic exchange with a big affiliate program. You can surf to get quality views to your websites, track your ads and create site rotators, make a top 10 splashpage, and you can promote the site and earn a residual income from referrals.This site is one of the most used traffic exchanges, you get more traffic and more unique visitors. It is ranked in the top 10 traffic exchanges worldwide and has a really active admin as well as a great chat for branding.

Hungry For Hits has some really unique tools for promoting. You can make your own splashpage with the exclusive page creator, and we have an entire social network with over 10 000 members, where you can have your own blog. All of this is hosted for you for free.
Easy to use
Lots of free traffic
Free tools to use for advertising
Splashpage maker, social network and blog for free
Affiliate program
Members countbetween 1 000 and 10 000
Monitored since1579 days
Accepted countries All
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2 Opinions on 2 comments
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4 years
I saw hundred programs from the"series-traffic exchange "during the years. Some was good and remain good, some wasn't and disappear!

Internet is full with all kind of programs and is not easy to choose the right one. Most of them offer things that will never be real! I would call that a"betray"or the dead of trust. Yes, TRUST. It is important in business in same measure like on other parts of life. What's the use to win hundreds of bucks if you never get those? Would be work for nothing and waste of time.

I trust this program and I will tell you why:

1. Have trusted, hard worker and active owner

2. Have tools that you would not find on others place (and may appear some others new in the future)

3. Great design

4. Hungry for hits had the greatest "jump" on all top of TE since appear (and will not stop)

5. Payments are always made on time

6. Great chat (for who want to use it, is not binding)

7. Many games: claiming prizes, daily events, games in surf, promo codes, food fight, daily top surfer, surfer rewards, team surfing, bingo)

8. Many options of upgrades

9. Page creator (you can add "almost" anything there)

10. Many payments processor including Bitcoin

..................................................................................... .
I believe in this program! Is not just about trying to get new people in some new program or to sell something, like is usually done on marketing World, I really believe in a great future of Hungry for hits!
4 years
Hope to see you promote your sites in Hungry For Hits!
Im there from 1st day,great place for advertising and earnings as well.Highly recommended 10/10.Best wishes for you Klara :)
3 years
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