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BitCore (BTX)

BitCore (BTX)

favicon BitCore (BTX) bitcore.cc
BitCore is a young cryptocurrency, created on April 24, 2017, which proposes itself, as others before, to correct the weaknesses of Bitcoin.

With larger blocks (10MB) and a less demanding mining algorithm (Timetravel10 GPU), BitCore offers faster and cheaper transactions than its model.

BitCore wants to expand the number of its users by offering each owner of a Bitcoin address containing at least 0.01BTC on November 2, 2017 an amount in BTX (0.5 BTX for 1 BTC owned at the time).
In addition, every Monday, you will receive an interest of 8% on the BTX stored on the official wallet, if your address has at least 1 BTX. Attention, this airdrop should end in May 2018.

You can buy and sell your BTX on some exchanges including Bit-Z, Cryptopia, hitBTC, CoinExchange.io ...
You can also claim some from the faucets since BitCore is on FaucetHub.
BitCore tries, like BitcoinCash or Bitcoin Gold, to become the new Bitcoin.
It is for the moment an interesting altcoin with an enthusiastic community, as evidenced by the more than 800 rather positive pages on the Bitcointalk forum.
Big blocks for less fees
GPU mining
Market capitalsation > 100 M$
Market Price
Monitored since2049 days
Accepted countries All
They use BitCore (BTX)
Users Advice
3 Opinions on 3 comments
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5 years
I found out the hard way that bitcore is indeed a scam if you mine from the cpu miner that they endorse as their own.
I mined for 2 days got 2.5 btx and cashed out to my bicore btx wallet well a week later i still don't have those coins in my wallet. i email the miner contact Jon 3 times with no email back. I went to the bitcore official main site talked to support chat. they told me payment is instant, and they can't help me to contact Jon the main guy who over sees the cpu miner.. So i came to the conclusion that the cpu miner at least is a scam to siphon money to them.. I don't know about the wallet since not many pools do btx only they do btx into bitcoin automatically..

So this is my warning to you don't mine btx through the cpu faucet you will not get your btx sent to you and you will also not recieve any help from the guy Jon nor bitcore themselves..

5 years
I have collaborated with this great Team and I am in debt with them. They helped me a lot!

We don't forgive
We don't forget
We are Legion

suomynonA | Edit. : 07/06/2018 10:06:49
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