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published on 12/12/2019 at 10:13 PM

BitCoinWalls - Where The Bitcoins Are

Chat, Claim and Have Fun!

A Bitcoin Faucet Owned By A Bitcoin Faucet Claimer As Well

BitCoinWalls is an exclusive bitcoin faucet that is owned by a bitcoin faucet claimer as well. I said to myself before a created a masterpiece like this that it will be a fast bitcoin claiming websites where you can earn bitcoins every 8 minutes and made it 50% affiliate program share so if you are able to invite a lot of people like you, you will earn half of their earnings.

I made it very simple for you and me so I can claim faster and with no hassle, hosted it at fast server with 100% uptime and obtained a domain name that you will not think twice that's it's beyond a shadow of the doubt a bitcoin faucet and not just some website full of ads.

Can Someone Really Chat, Claim and Have Fun While Online?

Yes, you can chat, claim and have fun at the same time, with our built-in chat panel on the lower right, that allows anyone to chat with anyone including with me. I'm a very open-minded person, and non-traditional person so I listen and consider the thoughts and hearts of my visitors. I listen to your advises and listen to your wishlist. Above all of this, you will have really fun when you know the owner and admin of the website is a GODly man and is on your side upon knowing this, you will be at ease not afraid of any rules to be broken but love covers all things.

While waiting for the 8 minutes to pass to claim again bitcoins, you can entertain yourself by watching videos, doing tasks on the offerwalls I call it incentive walls that pays you on everything you do online and yet before you're not being paid. You can click links, download and install powerful and useful android apps, signup on other websites that will make you more money, and if you don't like that visit the bitcoin games section to play games I mean bitcoin games that pay you bitcoins while you play and enjoy yourself and having fun. If that will not suffice to give you fun, then this could be. This is made possible by our partnership with paidpost.nabaza.com.

Visit our Desktop Bitcoin Miner and if you're like me you want to leave the computer on and connected to the internet, why not make money off of it by running this Desktop Bitcoin Miner all by itself and it will mine bitcoin for you throught our partnership with wmp.nabaza.com

And if that's not enough try to visit our bitcoin faucet rotator so you can earn at different and various bitcoin faucets while still inside bitcoinwalls.

Try to enjoy bitcoinwalls by purchasing some souvenirs at the Souvenirs menu and try to purchase a mug, mouse pad, t-shirts for him and for her all with our bitcoinwalls logo created exclusively for our website, also including keychain and other items you will always remember bitcoinwalls for.

And if you're not yet convinced that this is a fun site to stay all through the night and day, even wholeday check out the payment proofs of those who already received payment of bitcoins from this bitcoin faucet, it sure is fun, when you're already counting your referrals on bitcoinwalls and enjoying what you have claimed and paid instantly.

These are but some of the best functionalities and we're just starting we are just aged 2 months and we have more where it came from. So I'm here always at your service via zendesk customer support, tawk chat, chatbro chat, freshdesk helpdesk and even via email list, try our mailing list and send a message to it or two and enjoy my personal replies.

Take a look I listen to your requests and considers them very well and very carefully. This website or bitcoin faucet aims to please everybody, it's not possible for a person to do that, but it's a whole website that's doing it for you. Just suggest it anywhere you like via email, personal chat, group chat, helpdesk, support system and via my personal email.

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