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published on 09/20/2020 at 9:46 AM

The Hideout of Crypto Adventurers : Publish0x

Publish0x is a blogging platform primarily focused on cryptocurrency. In less than two years, with 150,000 users, 82,000 articles published and more than $ 163,000 distributed, it has become a must-see site for anyone interested in this universe.

A few pieces of eight for the sailors!

Let's get straight to the point! The main advantage of the platform is that it pays you to read articles. Whether you are a trading expert, a discerning cryptolover, or a newcomer to the cryptocurrency world, Publish0x allows you to earn small amounts of Ethereum, BAT and Loopring.

The rewards come from the site's own funds, thanks to the partnerships forged with the developers of these cryptos or with players of the sector. No intrusive advertising therefore, for our greater comfort!

The landing page : modern and efficient

For each article read, Publish0x provides you with a small amount of a token, you are free to choose which proportion will go in your pocket (from 0 to 80%) and in that of the author (from 20 to 100%). You are limited to 7 tips per day although you can of course read as many articles as you want. By being greedy and keeping the maximum 80% of each tip to yourself, you will earn the equivalent of $ 0.10 per day. It may seem weak to you, but we are at the level of the best faucets, with much less effort and much more comfort ?

It's up to you : are you feeling generous or selfish ?

Other blogging platforms allow you to earn crypto like Steem or Hive but with a much more complex operation of votes, popularity and power gathered… Publish0x with its ease of use is an excellent entry point into the crypto world.



A box full of gems for the real pirates!

Obviously, Publish0x being a blogging platform, you can earn more by being an author.

Your income will depend on your writing skills but also on your ability to build your followers network and your posting frequency. As with other platforms, the sheer volume of articles produced means that a post only has a few days to reach its audience. During this short period of time, you could earn the equivalent of a few cents and up to $ 3-4 for the most influential authors. The most tipped post on the site made just $ 13.

We are clearly not at the level of the competition (Steem and Hive) but nothing prevents you from publishing the same article on several platforms, especially as the earnings on Publish0x are paid in recognized cryptocurrencies and have great potential : diversification and patience !

You can boost your earnings by participating in writing contests regularly offered by a crypto team or a site working in that ecosystem. A good way to make yourself known and to pocket a nice reward.

To be accepted as an author, you will need to apply with a sample of your talent. This process is not very long and shows the team's desire to have quality content on their platform. Likewise, once accepted, your work may be moderated and you may lose your right to post if you violate the rules. This control may seem strict, but it must be recognized that the site is for the moment relatively spared from poor or misleading content (promotion of scams, articles without added value aimed only at obtaining referrals, etc.).

One criticism that could be leveled at the platform is the over-representation of cryptocurrency-themed articles. There are many categories like "art", "gaming", "travel", "philosophy" ... but whose articles are drowned in the mass of "crypto" articles. Maybe you will be the game changer!



A real treasure, accessible to all!

Soon you’ll realize that a real treasure is there, before your eyes.

You will gradually read the articles with more attention, you will find authors you like and you will change ! You will no longer see Publish0x as a simple faucet but as a community, passionate and informed. Here I find the latest crypto news, in-depth thoughts on the future of the sector, detailed project analyzes, hidden gems ...

So much information of such quality is a gold mine, especially in a world that changes so quickly and where there are so many traps.


Some examples: this summer 2020, DeFi, decentralized finance, was a huge upheaval with $ 9 billion pouring in two months on innovative projects but also on lame copies aimed only at stealing a piece of the cake. The many articles produced on Publish0x have allowed me to see this wave coming, understand it, ride it (modestly) and to avoid pitfalls.

As you may have seen, the explosion in DeFi has resulted in saturation of the Ethereum network and skyrocketing transaction fees, preventing small users from using the network and blocking the functionality of applications running on it. Very quickly I was able to find on Publish0x methods to reduce these costs or alternatives to Ethereum ... such as Loopring which you earn tokens by visiting the site : the world is well done!

I was rather wary of articles claiming to have found a hidden gem, the next x100 ! But I saw very quickly that the research work of some users of the platform was efficient and profitable ... At the beginning of April an article spoke of Aragon and wondered if its price could reach $ 4. The price was then around $ 1.40. During July it shot up to hit $ 10 on August 27 and now stands at $ 4.35. It was also on Publish0x that I heard about Polkadot, which immediately entered the market in the top 5 in terms of capitalization! A final case, I read an interesting article on Kusama at the end of July, a month later its value had increased by 4! I have other hidden gems in mind, which I look forward to taking off. I'll let you discover them yourself : p

Latest example: 3 days ago I read an article presenting the brand new Launchpool feature from Binance, the leading crypto trading platform. From the start, I was able to take advantage of this nice, time-limited opportunity to collect free coins from promising projects. Thanks Binance, thanks Publish0x and thanks to this passionate and generous author!




Before you jump on the FoxyRating review of Publish0x and register by following the link, be aware that you will need a correct level of English to read and even more to write there, the platform being English-speaking to be accessible to the greatest number. I can't wait to meet you there and share the treasure!

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