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published on 12/04/2019 at 10:26 AM

ES-Faucets or how to learn patience

Let's discover ES-Faucets, a faucet that deserves your attention !

An original faucet

Es-Faucet is a site that offers you to win small amounts of cryptocurrency in exchange for displaying advertisements. The site currently has 12 different cryptos, classics such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dogecoin, but also others less common in the faucets world like BAT, Tron or Ripple.

In addition to these 12 cryptos, you will accumulate ES-Coins, the site’s currency that you can trade against a real cryptocurrency but that will also be useful in several situations.

After claiming your small amount of a crypto (we use the term "claim"), you will have to wait 5 minutes before you can start again. Great, because 5 minutes is about the time it takes to claim once each of the 13 currencies available (the pages are well loaded in commercials and can be long to display). So you can spend your day on the site to claim continuously ... even if we will see that it is not the most profitable gain/time spent ratio.

As on other faucets, your claims will be boosted by 1% for each day you make a claim, with a maximum of 100%. If you miss a day your bonus drops to 0, except that on ES-Faucet you can redeem the days you missed (by spending a few ES-Coins) and keep your bonus intact. Convenient during the holidays or if a breakdown (or a wild party) has prevented you from visiting the site in the last 24 hours.

In addition to this loyalty bonus, the accumulation of ES-Coins will give you an additional bonus of up to 150%.

Here is the table of bonuses related to the accumulation of ES-Coins. The first levels are easily unlocked, enjoy!

And if you are an offerwalls lover, each offer filled in a month will give you another 1% for the month. So you can improve each claim by 350%!


Patience and strategy

It has already been said but the pages of ES-Faucet are loaded in advertisements. This is reassuring for the sustainability of the site, especially since they are general ads and not just ads for faucets or fake cloud mining sites. But it slows the navigation down and hinders readability, which can push a new user. It's a shame because the site deserves some effort.

Here is the aspect of a claim page, quite indigestible. But on the image on the right you see that only a small part is useful, it's up to you to ignore the rest!

When you start, the winnings will be ridiculously low. But we saw that it was possible to boost them considerably. Obviously, coming at least once a day to the site is a must to raise your loyalty bonus. Then, it is essential to get as much ES-Coins as possible. To do this, you will have to agree to give up your first winnings and change all your cryptos to ES-Coins. It is possible to deposit money on the site to buy the internal currency but I advise you not to do so, in Cryptopia sites born and die every day and scams are legion. If the site closes overnight, by not risking your own money, you will have lost only your time.

Once you are satisfied with your bonuses you will finally be able to withdraw your earnings, maybe by choosing one or two cryptos, your favorites. In my personal experience, after two months of "reinvesting" my earnings in ES-Coins and with only 2 to 3 visits a day, I get a 60% loyalty bonus and a 70% "Coins" bonus. At this point, a claim made after one hour gives me the equivalent of 5 satoshis (BTC) per crypto, or 60 satoshis for the 12 available cryptos. This gain of 60 satoshis per hour is equivalent to what can be earned on Cointiply with a loyalty bonus of 100% or Bonus Bitcoin for 4 claims (one per quarter of an hour), these two sites being references in the faucets world.

It's up to you to test your patience and see how far you will go, but persevere, your efforts will be rewarded! The first days, given the weakness of basic earnings, it will not be necessary to be very present on the site but as soon as you have good bonuses, it will be a pleasure to log in frequently to raise your balance!


Not only a faucet

ES-Faucet is not just a faucet. You can also earn cryptocurrency by filling offers and surveys, using your computer power to mine (this method is rarely profitable), attracting new users, subscribing to the site on social networks or posting your first payment proof right here on FXR. Do not forget to claim your weekly bonus on Sunday, the amount of which depends on your accumulated ES-Coins.

ES-Faucet opened in November 2019 a PTC page: ESPTCO. You can earn some extra satoshis by watching ads or spending your ES-Coins to promote. The user accounts of these two sites are linked and your earnings will be paid in a single balance.

The site also owns BTCNewz, a crypto information site with currency prices, articles, news, links to the main exchange sites.


In summary ES-Faucet discourages many users by the weakness of base gains and the heaviness of the site but will become, with just patience and regularity, one of the mandatory places of your daily adventures in the world of cryptocurrency.

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