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favicon Ulule ulule.com

AVERTISSEMENTLend money on a crowdfunding site is at risk of default and requires immobilization of your savings.

Ulule is a crowdfunding site as part of the global leaders donations platforms. With over a million members in over 175 countries and more than ten thousand projects in fifteen countries, the site can actually boast of its record figures.

The total amount raised is now slightly above 52 million euros, lowering the average participation every year since the creation of the network to 47 EUR in 2015, this being the democratization of the participation process. This is the largest donation platform, at least in France.

With their nice logo and a site flawless ergonomics, Ulule will continue to prevail in the coming years as a heavyweight in the sector, no doubt.

The cons-party donations vary between projects as these are the project leaders that define them.
Over 3 million members worldwide, fantastic!
Platform typeDonation platform /
Minimum deposit1 €
Estimated already lent amount (in millions) >10 M
Accessible to individual investors
To whom lends this platform money?Lends to companies / Lends to individuals /
Payment solutionswire transfer
Monitored since2258 days
Payments reported on NBR   0,00 $
Accepted countries Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Madagascar, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Réunion, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom
Evolution rules of status
Six in number, the statutes reflect the trust we place in the payment reliability of a rewarding site. This rating depends on the payment testimonials reported on by the members as well as the informed opinions of the administrators and moderators.

legit Some payment testimonials from many members
promising Some payment testimonials from some members
new Default status
doubtful Doubt on the payment reliability
scam Not paying or not paying soon
closed Inactive or missing site

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  • Actual rating of Ulule
Reason to the status currently assigned by netbusinessrating since the 03/04/2019 at 3:18 PM
User comments are positive
Users Advice
5 Opinions on 8 comments
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2 weeks
WhatsApp: +1 (732) 630-9483

Spotting each month with a new phase of new investment with Maria Renee on Forex trades.
I am making a huge profit weekly and I have to renew my investment with her company by (Auto Trade) as the investment plan is very fast and reliable.
I invested 3'000 and always get 21'000 in every 5 days and payout is always instant reflection.

Thanks to Maria Renee
3 weeks
Good experience results on how i make $7000 every week!!! This has been an incredible experience from day one! This wasn't my first time trading but honestly I didn’t know what to expect when I first joined. After much loss. God walked me through the entire process from start to finish, which was a HUGE plus! They made the entire process so easy and hassle-free! I’m very impressed! I will definitely be referring her to you all.
You can start making money through forex trade. Her Name is Maria Renee.
You can reach her via
WhatsApp Number : +1-732-630-9483
"Success doesn’t come to you, You go to it... I’m not the one to call you to invest and have a bright financial situation. If you know what’s right, you’re supposed to contact her now and start trading ASAP"
3 years
Ulule turns to legit status.

Reason : User comments are positive
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