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favicon Biswap biswap.org
Biswap, is the first decentralized exchange platform, on the Smartchain networks.
(Also called DEX).

Binance has created a BEP20 protocol, in order to compete with the Ethereum Blockchain and its ERC20 tokens.

Biswap is the 1st DEX to accept BEP20 tokens, which means lower fees and faster exchange.

It's a whole new ecosystem, which must be learned and understood.

To participate and therefore take advantage of the start of this famous DEX, you will need BEP20 tokens.

To get it, it's very simple:

You will need BNB (Binance token under erc20).

With this BNB, you exchange it for BSC, which is the same token, but not on the same Blockchain.

BSC = Binance Smart Chain.

It is thanks to the BSC token, that you will be able to make transactions on Biswap.

If you have erc20 tokens, just trade to BNB, then BNB to BSC.

Be careful, however, to keep a little Ethereum in your wallet, to pay the monstrous transaction fees, in order to be able to send BNB to BSC.

Once you have completed these steps, connect with Metamask, Trustwallet or Binance Chain to DEX Biswap.

Since you have BSCs, they will be displayed automatically.

At the moment you can only buy BSW (Biswap).

But you can also fill cash pairs with any other crypto.

What will shock you? This is the 0.1% fee for this new Blockchain.

Indeed, while the period propels Ethereum, as co-leader, its ecosystem is obsolete.

We will have to wait until 2022 see 2023, to have an Ethereum less expensive in transaction fees.

Binance did not wait, and released Smartchain.
A fast, transparent and really inexpensive protocol.

Owning BSW will have an impact in a few months, if not a few years.

So don't wait, and discover the simplicity.
Which crypto-currencies can be exchanged?
Payment solutionsCryptocurrency Wallet
Languageinternational, english
Monitored since417 days
Payments reported on NBR   1,00 $
Accepted countries All
Evolution rules of status
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legit Some payment testimonials from many members
promising Some payment testimonials from some members
new Default status
doubtful Doubt on the payment reliability
scam Not paying or not paying soon
closed Inactive or missing site

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1 month
I'm sharing this because this was exactly how i saw so many posts about Maria Renee and how she was helping individuals with their trades in Bitcoin/Forex trading and i decided to give it a try and luckily it went well. Contacting her was the best thing I did. Thank you so much Maria Renee for this amazing experience. If you're interested and reliable in BITCOIN/FOREX TRADING kindly connect her if you're interested in trading in Forex trade via WhatsApp: +1 732-630-9483
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1 month
Fast payment from (Maria Renee) brokerage Forex firm.

Contact information...
WhatsApp helpline: +1(732)630-9483

I was scammed by Gerald~crypto brokerage company but Maria Renee platform traded my account and I started earning weekly and it has been so onwards.

Her broker is the best and trusted ever with quick payout.
Payment proof from baboun08
10 months
Amount received : 1$
Paiement reçu après un gain sur la lotterie du site
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